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Creative uses for eggshells that you should know about!

Different Uses of Eggshells
Surprising uses for eggshells that you should know about!

With these surprising uses for eggshells, you’ll never have to throw them away! You’re probably like most people… you throw away the eggshells when cooking? Or maybe, like us, you throw them in with the compost. But, think twice! You might need these eggshells.

Eggs are essential to any kitchen, and they are one of the most versatile foods you can buy. Almost every breakfast dish, from breakfast burritos to breakfast sandwiches, rely on eggs.

The versatile egg can be used to make a variety of sauces and desserts. And the average egg is considered a protein powerhouse, with one egg containing about 6 grams of protein. A single egg can energize you for hours.

As many eggs are being used every day, these eggshells also start to multiply. And if don’t know of other uses, you could have problems disposing of them.

Eggshell Uses
Uses for eggshells

Do you know that eggshells are a natural solution for removing stains? Sprinkle crushed eggshells over the stain, pour on some warm water, and let the stain be absorbed by the eggshells. Are you starting to get surprised by the idea of the uses for eggshells?

They are also great ingredients for maintaining white clothes when you wash. Simply crush eggshells and combine them with several lemon slices. Put them in a cloth bag together with your clothes, and wash them in the washing machine.

Eggshell Uses
Uses for eggshells
Below is a list of more uses for eggshells. Most are tips for gardening and growing healthier produce.

Hmmm — now we can’t stop thinking about all those uses of eggshells we’ve thrown out in the past!

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Abrasive Cleaner Powder

Egg shells are used as a super-fine abrasive powder to remove dirt and grime from hard surfaces.

Egg shells are said to be among the most effective abrasive particles for removing dirt from surfaces, including wood, tile, and glass. Have you ever thought of uses for eggshells this way?

Calcium Supplement for Apples and Tomatoes

One way of using eggshells is to make a calcium supplement for your Apples and tomatoes. We first grind them into a powder, then make use of it. We can use eggshell powder to make a calcium supplement for apples and tomatoes.

We just mixed it with the soil where they are planted. It is a very useful calcium supplement.


These unusual uses of eggshells are increasing. Eggshells are used as a type of fertilizer in many gardens – to help growing plants absorb extra nutrients and water.

The white, chalky shells of eggs absorb excess salts, which are then leached into the soil and used to nourish plants. The texture of eggshells also works well for replacing turfgrass and grass on golf courses and landscaped areas.

Seed Starter

Eggshells are used as a seed starter during the germination process. The eggshells are soaked in water before putting them into the soil to be used as a starter.

When eggshells are used as a seed starter, the process of germination starts almost immediately. The process is simple, and it can be used as a source of re-potting as well.


Have you tried using it? Go grab an eggshell and turn it into powder to try in your garden!

Better Brewed Coffee

An eggshell coffee brewer can make coffee that tastes a bit richer and more flavorful. Because eggshells are full of nutrients, grounds are placed in the eggshells and then the resulting brew is placed into a coffee maker.

The end result is a coffee cup that tastes richer and tastes more like coffee that was brewed using a more expensive cup.

Bird/Chicken Feeds

The oldest and most common method of making bird feed is grinding eggshells and mixing it into a seed mixture. The shell material adds calcium and other nutrients to the food, and the calcium helps to keep the feed dry and helps to retain the seed’s moisture.

Easter Egg Decor

Your creativity is the key to this project. 🙂

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