No powerpoint needed… human powered washing machines!

No powerpoint needed… human powered washing machines!

Off-Grid Washing Machines Montage

Off the grid? No problem. Camping holiday? No problem. Want some exercise while you save money? No problem. All you need is one of these nifty people-powered’ washing machines…

Most of us never give our washing machine a second thought… until we have a power failure or it simply breaks down. Then we realise just how dependent we’ve become! We’re not suggesting you go back to a washboard but  ‘people power’ does have its advantages. It’s also a lot cheaper than what the utility companies charge. As a bonus, these manual washers are very kind to the environment!

Off-Grid Washing Machines

Reducing our dependence to electrical power is not only beneficial to our budget, it also helps save Mother Earth and our health!

Would you like to try these off-grid, and eco-friendly washers?

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Cyclean Bike-Powered Washing Machine
Human-Powered Wooden Washing Machine
Laundry Pod
Pedal-Powered Mobile Washing Machine

If you love camping but hate using laundromats, here’s a $17.95 solution that really works


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