How to Give Your Property an Incredible Facelift Once the Renters Move Out

Here are some brilliant ideas to jumpstart your project.

Once the renters move out of your property, you’re left with the herculean task of getting the place ready for showing to future tenants.

The challenge is bigger than ever when it’s a fully furnished home that you had rented out. 

Wondering how to accomplish this?

Here are some brilliant ideas to jumpstart your project.

A Fresh Look with Wallpaper

Wall paint tends to get dull and shabby over time. 

It’s an easy guess that if your previous renters spent many years in the house, the wall surface condition must have deteriorated considerably.

Instead of getting the walls repainted, we’d suggest you switch to wallpapers instead.

Between wallpaper and wall paint, the former is a better choice. You can get a lot of fancy options. And though the cost may be a bit higher, wallpapers can sustain their superior looks for years.

New wallpapers will make your house look anew. When you put up the house for rent again, it could fetch you better rent compared to a property with old wall paint.

If you think the cost of wallpapers will be a little too much for your budget, you can consider wallpaper for highlighting only some portions in every room. 

Strategically place big-sized pots. You can use them to cover scratched wooden flooring, stained tiles, or walls.

Place Indoor Plants

A hint of green can spruce up the interiors of an old house like magic.

Add a few indoor plants in the living room and some small planters in the bathrooms. The place would look a lot more inviting.

Strategically place big-sized pots. You can use them to cover scratched wooden flooring, stained tiles, or walls.

Make sure to water and care for the plants until you’ve found new renters for the property. You know, dying plants could reverse the charm! 

Get Rid of Floor Stains

The former renters might have left oil stains at the center of the kitchen floor. Or similar unsightly stains at places that can’t be camouflaged with rugs, furniture, or plants.

In that case, you’ll have to take responsibility to get rid of the stains. You can attempt to scrub the floor clean. If that doesn’t work, consider replacing the flooring partially.

There’s only one way to get a used apartment or home satisfactorily clean: DEEP CLEANING! 

Deep Clean the Place

There’s only one way to get a used apartment or home satisfactorily clean: DEEP CLEANING! 

Get into the depths of every drawer and shelf. Run a check on every nook and corner of the house. Clean up everything – inside and out.

Once you’re done, you’ll be happy to see the result.

Refresh the Lighting 

Lighting fixtures become outdated after a few years. You know, how the CFL took over the filament bulbs, and now the LED lights rule the interior decor.

If your property is still holding on to old-fashioned lights and bulbs, you’ve got to get new ones before you put the property out for rent again.

Make sure to install electricity-saving eco-friendly lights, a feature new tenants would like to have in their rented place.

Also, try to bring some glamor to the interior space by replacing pure white lights with warm white ones. This little change can add an element of luxury to the place.

Replace Broken Things

Did the renters move out leaving broken lights, hinges, or knobs? Sigh!

Of course, you need to check everything and replace or repair any items that are out of order.

If expensive appliances like TVs, refrigerators, or dishwashers, are left damaged beyond repair by the renters, spending a hefty sum for the replacement may not be your best alternative.

You can skip the step and let the renters buy their appliances. Don’t forget to advise your new tenants to take affordable insurance for renters. Renters’ insurance can provide coverage for expensive appliances, and personal property as well as for loss of use of the rented property.

Upgrade the Upholstery 

Upholstery is usually not well looked after, especially by renters.

The living room couch and the dining chairs can get very messy within a couple of years. 

Professional cleaning services can only get rid of dust and minor stains from the fabric. 

If the upholstery seems tattered or soiled beyond hope, you might as well get it all replaced with new fancier fabrics. The same thing goes for the curtains.

Changing the dirty or outdated upholstery will give your rental property an impressive makeover.

Touch Up The Furniture 

Does the entryway hall cabinet look all scratched up? 

Probably, you think you can’t do anything more than blame the reckless movers for this. 

You’re wrong. 

Leaving shabby-looking furniture in the house would only downgrade it. The new tenants may not want to keep such unappealing old furniture and may get turned off completely at its sight.

Before you plan to showcase the property on the rental market, either get rid of any piece of furniture that looks worn out or get it refurbished. 

A fresh polish on the furniture will make it look brand new and enhance the charm of your property.

Jazz Up the Bath

Tenants are often picky about the state of the bathroom before renting a new home. Pay attention to a few details while preparing the bathroom before showing it to prospective tenants to make a good impression.

Bathroom tiles can collect muck in the grout joints and look very shabby. Clean the joints using a cleaning brush with stiff bristles.

Also, make sure that the bathroom fixtures and faucets are free from water stains.

Don’t forget to get all necessary plumbing repairs done. You can take online courses in home DIY repairs and upkeep. These courses serve as invaluable educational resources, offering a comprehensive exploration of various topics and equipping you with the knowledge you need to keep your home at its best.

Closing Thoughts 

Property owners are always in turmoil when the renters move out. Letting the property go unoccupied for too long can make it look rundown and lose its value. 

Giving a quick facelift to your property becomes important if you want to find new tenants without losing months of rental income. Because although budget may be the deciding factor for tenants, the property’s condition usually comes only next on their priority list. 

The tips and tricks shared above can give you an extra edge so that you’ll be able to get the property rented quickly. 



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