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Malator House – aka Tellytubby House

Druidston South-West Wales UK  –  Future Systems

Built in 1998, this cutting-edge contemporary home won world-wide acclaim and has since become one of Wales’ architectural treasures.

Malator House – aka Tellytubby House

The basic design of Malator is very simple – it’s essentially one room, divided by prefabricated coloured pods.  Externally, the ‘earth home’ melts into the surrounding landscape.

Architectural critic, Dr Greg Stevenson wrote of this home:

“As someone who makes his living restoring old cottages and lecturing on historic architecture I didn’t expect to fall in love with a house built in 1998. But this is exactly what happened when I visited Malator”.

He then went on to say:

“At Malator you are at one with the sea and wind-buffeted cliffs, your life is full of light and there is an incredible sense of freedom and space. The best architecture should also challenge your prejudices about the home, even change your world view. It should make you think about the relationship between how we use space and how we build and decorate our homes.”

Who are we to argue?  But we still think the locals were spot on the money when they nick-named the home, TellyTubby House!

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