The world’s narrowest home?

The Keret House  Warsaw  Poland  –  Architect:  Jakub Szczesny

Photography by Bartek Warzecha, Polish Modern Art Foundation

Built:   2012
Area:   Unknown but miniscule

We’ve featured, what we considered to be, some extremely narrow homes but surely, this has to be the narrowest fully constructed ‘home’ anywhere!  At it’s narrowest, it’s just 72 centimetres (28″) before widening out to a generous 122 centimetres (48″)!  Yet within that limited space you’ll find a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room.

Cosy for two?
Cosy for two?

The home is meant to tie Warsaw’s past with it’s future and sits on the edge of the old Jewish Ghetto. It was pre-constructed using polycarbonate materials and then erected in-situ between two conventional buildings.  The polycarbonate gives strength and light while taking up the absolute minimum amount of space.

The home is moved into position

The home will be tenanted by author, Etgar Keret, although it is not clear if he will actually live there permanently.

Thanks to Greer Hsing Tan Swiston for bringing this home to our attention.

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