Brick House

Melbourne, Australia – Clare Cousins

Photography: Shannon McGrath

As every parent knows, life is viewed very differently when that first child arrives.  What may have been the perfect house for a couple, is now, almost overnight, unworkable. Older homes, in particular, often tend to be very child unfriendly. The choice becomes a trip to the ‘burbs for a modern, new alternative or renovation. The owners of this not-so-child-friendly Edwardian home chose the latter option. The result is a true transformation.

Brick House - Melbourne, Australia
Brick House – Melbourne, Australia

Wanting some privacy from the neighbours, the brick walls were one design aspect of the old house that was retained. Its rounded edges made the house safer for the owners’ children. The neutral-coloured interiors topped with little colourful accents as well as the addition of floor to ceiling windows serve to brighten up in this now thoroughly modern home.

Keeping it simple yet stylish is the secret to having a spacious place where kids can happily play around. This also makes redesigning in the future easier as your needs change over time.

The architect’s notes:

“The brick house is an addition and renovation to a single fronted Edwardian house in Prahran, Victoria.

Designed for a young family, the house caters for their needs now and in the future. A flexible space, referred to as the studio, is housed on top of the new garage forming a double story mass at the rear of the site to help screen large neighbouring buildings. The single story addition to the house engages with the garden with its meandering facade of glass and brick.”

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