Shizuoka, Japan – Keiji Ashizawa Design

Project duration: 2007 – 2009
Photography: Michael Nicholson

If you are going to look at this house from the street, you wouldn’t be able to imagine that a very different and beautiful landscape awaits inside. This has to be one of the most extraordinary houses there is; a perfect fusion Japanese and Australian geniuses.

Wall House
A house welcoming the breath-taking beauty of the landscape in front of it.


The Wall House is called as such because it acts as the boundary between a residential street and the peaceful garden and ocean view beyond it. The Japanese designer who owns this house can no doubt enjoy tranquillity offered by his open home whilst conveying privacy and restraint.

The twisted form of its roof, a study with an appropriate view, and a bath presenting the ocean scenery are just some of the evident aspects which make this house undeniably made by designers, for a designer.


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