Cottage Point House

 Sydney  Australia  –  Richard Cole Architecture

Year Built:     2013
Photography:   Simon Wood

Sydney sits on a massive sandstone basin. It surfaces in may places but nowhere as spectacularly as along the Hawkesbury River, an hour north of the city. The tiny settlement of Coal and Candle Creek pre-dates the declaration of the entire area as a national park.The sites are rugged but the views and tranquillity ensure that any land or home that comes to market is instantly snapped up by an eager queue of buyers.

Cottage Point House - an hour from Sydney, a million miles from care...
Cottage Point House – an hour from Sydney, a million miles from care…

From the architect:

The Cottage Point House is located in the isolated settlement within Ku-ring-gai National Park on the waterfront of Coal and Candle Creek. The site faces north over the shallow bay, facing the weathered horizontal sandstone escarpments of the opposing foreshores from which it draws its inspiration. The house features a massive sandstone base rising out of the hillside which contains cave like bedrooms, a voluminous rumpus room and the infinity swimming pool. Natural light is drawn into these rooms by means of windows into the base of the pool and a long slot skylight in the hallway. Perched upon the base are the steel and timber framed living rooms and master bedroom. Exposed timber and steel structure and a contained courtyard give the house a very private but luxurious character, without the sense of ever being fully enclosed. The house wraps around the verandah and pool, like the tendrils of land wrapping around the bay.

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