Casa El Tiamblo

El tremble Ávila, Spain  –  James & Mau Arquitectura

Built area: 129 m2  (1,390 sq. ft)
Builder: Infinski Spain
Year built: 2010
Photography: Pablo Sarabia

Tens of thousands of containers arrive from China and other manufacturing nations every year.  Only 20% go back!  Without commenting on the balance of trade issues, that leaves an awful lot of containers sitting around. In some areas, they have become mountainous eyesores, literally obscuring the sun from local residents for hours a day. Local governments notwithstanding, they offer a marvelous opportunity for creative, low cost housing.

Casa El Tiamblo container home

The client brief for this home started with a low budget and a commitment to a modular construction system. The shipping container was chosen with no attempt to disguise the origins. The design offsets four 40′ containers to create excellent room widths as well as sheltered external areas.

The architect has chosen to landscape with deciduous trees and shrubs so that the winter sun can quickly warm the inhabitants while heavy shade will shelter the inhabitants in summer.

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