Ten wonderful ways to improve your outdoor with wood

Ten wonderful ways to improve your outdoor with wood

Outdoor Projects Using Wood

Wood is one of the easiest materials you can make your DIY projects with. They are inexpensive, even free, depending on the type of wood and where you source them. They are great for outdoor projects because they are usually low-maintenance and can withstand outdoor conditions for a very long time…

Outdoor Projects with Wood

Ultimately, together with an abundance of greenery they bring nature to our home which brings a soothing ambiance we all want at the end of each day!

If you have been planning on giving your outdoor area a makeover, you can use wood for almost all kinds of projects. See the beautiful ideas we have prepared for you and be inspired to have a wood themed yard. 🙂

Outdoor Projects with Wood

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Wooden Deck

Create a hangout for the whole family to enjoy by building a wooden deck. If you like this DIY octagonal deck, you can learn how to build it here.


Add a pergola to your deck / outdoor living to give you some shade while relaxing outdoors.

Address Number with Wall Planter

This project from Shanty 2 Chic is a quick and easy one that you can do using scrap wood. It’s definitely a great decor to add to your porch!

Deck Kitchen

Blessed with an enormous outdoor space? Why not add a kitchen so no one has to go inside for refreshments while everybody’s having fun? You can learn how to build this deck kitchen here.

Tree Stump / Log Planter

Need a pot for your favourite plants? Why not use tree stump or logs? They’re natural, beautiful, solid and sturdy! Search for some in your area, or you might even already have one in your yard! You can see more of these beautiful ideas here!

Holiday Decor

Of course, every yard also needs some decor for every season. You can use small twigs, wood scraps or old furniture for making your holiday decor!

Timber Sidewalk

Need to redo your sidewalk? Why not use reclaimed timber this time? Here’s a tutorial for making this impressive sidewalk.

Picnic Table

Summer is the perfect time for enjoying outdoor dining and parties. Using reclaimed lumber or pallets will surely cut down costs for creating your big picnic table.

Water Feature

This log water feature is very natural-looking! Isn’t it amazing?

Driftwood Mirror

Make your outdoor area seem bigger by putting a large mirror in it.

We hoped this inspired you to maximize the potential of your outdoor area through this beautiful ideas! Wood you take on these DIY projects? 😀

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