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Whether you just want fresh eggs, learning to be more self-reliant, or want just your own home-grown chickens for meat, you’ll find raising chickens is a perfect solution. It’s easy, too, once you get the basics down pat.

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Planning on raising chicks in your backyard? Then you are going to need this list of clever brooder ideas. 🙂

Brooders are like a baby’s crib – you only get to use them for a short period of time because baby chicks grow so fast. So why buy a brooder for your baby chicks when you can provide them with a nice heated shelter with these clever ideas?

Chick Brooder Ideas

These DIY chick brooder ideas are definitely as good as a brand new brooder. But what’s better is that they can help you keep your expenses down by avoiding unnecessary spending. Plus these are all repurposing projects – you’re helping in reducing ‘trash’ by giving old items a new purpose!

Now if you are expecting baby chicks in your yard soon, have a look at the ideas we have for you below. You most probably have one or two of the items on this list already! If not, you can always ask your friends and rellies or find what you need at a thrift store or a garage sale. Then turn it into a clever chick brooder!

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Old Dresser

Who doesn’t have a dresser at home? But if you’ve already used it for a different repurposing project (or you’re still using it), there are plenty of old dressers in thrift stores!

Kiddie Pool

Do you have kids that are now too big for the kiddie pool you bought a couple of years back? You can use that just by adding some fencing to protect the chicks.

Stock Tank

A stock tank definitely works too. Again, don’t forget to put a wire mesh on top to keep predators from reaching your baby chicks!

Large Tote

We’re confident many of you have large totes in your garage or storage! So why not temporarily use it as a chick brooder?

Dog Crate

Still, got that crate your dog used when he or she was still a puppy? Simply improve the barriers by installing a wire mesh or adding cardboard inside, and that’s it – an easy DIY chick brooder from a dog crate.

Old Cabinet

Most cabinets can easily be turned into a chick brooder, too. Even an old TV stand!


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