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6 Creative Chick Brooder Ideas

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Whether your aim is to enjoy a constant supply of fresh eggs, nurture self-sufficiency, or savour the taste of homegrown chicken meat, raising chickens emerges as an ideal and easily attainable solution. The journey is simplified once you grasp the fundamental principles. But first, you’ll need a perfect chick brooder for your chooks.

Raising chickens might be the perfect solution for homeowners who are looking for a natural way to ‘go organic. Chickens are raised much easier than ducks, and they provide a lot of eggs. They are a good investment since they make more profit than ducks during the winter. Chickens are also natural cleaners of the environment, as they eat any stray animal or vegetable that passes their way.

Brooder for Chicks Or Ducklings

Planning on raising chicks in your backyard? Then you are going to need this list of clever brooder ideas. 🙂

Brooders are like a baby’s crib – you only get to use them for a short period of time because baby chicks grow so fast. So why buy a brooder for your baby chicks when you can provide them with a nice heated shelter with these clever ideas?

Chick Brooder Ideas

These DIY chick brooder ideas are definitely as good as a brand-new brooder. But what’s better is that they can help you keep your expenses down by avoiding unnecessary spending. Plus these are all repurposing projects – you’re helping reduce ‘trash’ by giving old items a new purpose!

Now if you are expecting baby chicks in your yard soon, have a look at the ideas we have for you below. You most probably have one or two of the items on this list already! If not, you can always ask your friends and relatives or find what you need at a thrift store or a garage sale. Then turn it into a clever chick brooder!

6 Chick Brooder Ideas

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1. Old Dresser

Who doesn’t have a dresser at home? But if you’ve already used it for a different repurposing project (or you’re still using it), there are plenty of old dressers in thrift stores! They are typically well-constructed and sturdy, providing a reliable structure for your chick brooder.

They are also typically compact, making them ideal for small spaces or urban environments where space is limited. The dresser’s drawers can be repurposed for storing chick-raising essentials, such as feed, bedding, or medical supplies, keeping everything organized and within reach.

2. Kiddie Pool

Do you have kids that are now too big for the kiddie pool you bought a couple of years back? By introducing a simple but ingenious alteration—installing protective fencing—you can seamlessly repurpose the once-cherished kiddie pool into a secure and accommodating brooder.

Discover the magic of repurposing as your child’s former play space evolves into a nurturing haven for your young feathered companions, providing a safe environment that’s tailor-made for their growth and well-being.

3. Stock Tank

A stock tank definitely works too. It can provide substantial room for your chicks to roam, stretch, and grow comfortably. The spacious interiors accommodate larger broods with ease.

Crafted from durable galvanized metal, it is built to withstand the rigors of poultry raising, ensuring longevity for multiple chick-rearing seasons.

Just don’t forget to slap some wire mesh on your chick brooder. It may seem like a minor detail, but it could mean the difference between healthy and safe chicks or a total disaster.

4. Large Tote

We’re confident many of you have large totes in your garage or storage! Large totes are commonly found in many households, making them an easily accessible option for setting up a chick brooder without additional expense.

Since they’re often used for storage, these totes can be conveniently repurposed for chick-raising when needed.

5. Dog Crate

The chicks are hatched. The chicks are very cute. The chicks are now 4 weeks old. They are starting to grow feathers. It’s time to build a brooder for these chicks.

Do you still have that crate your dog used when he or she was still a puppy? Dog crates can be an excellent brooder for your chicks. They are easy to build and will provide your chicks with warmth, with an automatic thermostat that regulates the temperature. Simply improve the barriers by installing a wire mesh or adding cardboard inside, and that’s it – an easy DIY chick brooder from a dog crate.

6. Old Cabinet

Most cabinets can easily be turned into a chick brooder, too. Most cabinets, like the ones in your kitchen or bathroom, can easily be turned into a cozy brooder for your new feathered friends. All you need to do is remove any shelves or drawers, cut out a section of the back for ventilation, and add a heat lamp and bedding.

While not all brooders are designed equally, any brooder that is at least 30 inches tall with sides 2 feet wide and 3 feet deep should provide you with enough room. A screen cover is also recommended to keep insects out and to prevent animal curiosity from developing.

Ingenious Chick Brooder Creations!

When raising some adorable baby chicks, the first thing you will need is a brooder to keep them warm and safe. However, there’s no need to opt for an expensive brooder. With some ingenuity and basic knowledge, you can craft a distinctive and enjoyable dwelling for your feathered friends.

Well, there are six ideas that will surely inspire you to build something extraordinary and special for them. First up, have you got an old dresser lying around? You can easily turn it into a compact yet durable chick brooder. The drawers can even be repurposed as storage for feed, bedding, or other medical supplies.

Brooder Box for Small Animals

And if you don’t have an old dresser, keep your eyes peeled at garage sales or thrift stores – you never know what hidden treasures you might find! Other chick brooder ideas include using a kiddie pool, stock tank, large tote, dog crate, and old kitchen cabinet. With a little inventiveness and DIY know-how, the possibilities are endless!

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