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Cat Castle
Coops, Hutches, and Other Pet Accommodation.

Most of us would agree that it would be a lesser world without pets. It is said that pets make you healthier! If you’re a pet person, do you share your home with your pets or do they live outside?  

Maybe you’ve got one of those pets that thinks you’re sharing its home!  Either way, here’s some inspiration to make their little lives even more blissful!

There are plenty of ideas to give your pet its very own home.

Of course, pets should have a shelter outside when they enjoy the good air in your garden. Building the shelter yourself ensures that all your pet’s needs are met.

You can add a slide, a terrace, or a green roof – anything to make them comfortable!

Dog Mansion

Pampered pets also require a place of their own indoors! But if you live in a small home, we also have space-efficient ideas which you can try. Don’t have that extra space under the stairs? Why not integrate your pet’s bed into one of your furniture pieces?

Check out our collection of chicken coops, doghouses, cat beds, and other pet accommodations.

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Different pet accommodations for different animals


Though there may be numerous theories as to why cats prefer the higher ground, the most common is that it provides them a natural vantage point from which to survey their surroundings.

They can often be seen hunting and watching for prey on high ledges, perches, and trees. So if you think of ideas on how you can build a great pet accommodation for your cats, you need to consider building higher grounds for them.

And since cats are intelligent pets, they would enjoy a loft that has lots of challenges. A simple pet accommodation for cats will be a boring one for them so you need to think of a twist and how you can add an element of challenge to your cat’s accommodation.


Unlike many other animals, which do little more than eat, sleep, and mate, dogs have a rich and varied social life. They can be house pets, lapdogs, hunting partners, expedition companions, police trackers, and even search-and-rescue dogs.

Dogs are the most popular pet in the world because they can be trained to do nearly anything, from simple tricks to extraordinary feats of agility and coordination.

Dogs have a sense of humor and find human companionship rewarding. They are better able than humans to understand our emotional states and provide us with mutual comfort, support, and affection.

Dogs are not just companions, but also keepers of our homes and guardians. Because of these reasons, you tend to create a better, no, the best pet accommodation for them.

You can experiment with whatever materials you want to use to make sure that your dog or dogs will be at their most comfortable place to relax.


Chickens are fun, healthy, and relatively cheap pets. Many people keep them as pets, and some people keep them for their eggs. This can be great fun, and it’s always good to try something different.

If you’re in a small space, chickens are great pets, as they don’t take up a lot of space and they use their wings to scratch themselves. There are lots of different kinds, from the small bantam to the large Cornish Cross and the bantam rooster, which is half the size of a normal chicken.

They’re friendly, gentle, and quiet and make great pets (and excellent egg layers), especially if you have a garden. Plus they are a very good source of meat.

So if you design a pet accommodation for your chickens, make sure to consider their basic needs like sand baths and nests for them to lay their eggs on.



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