Coops, Hutches and Other Pet Accommodation

Coops, Hutches and Other Pet Accommodation

Cat Castle

Most of us would agree that it would be a lesser world without pets.  If you’re a pet person, do you share your home with your pets or do they live outside?  Maybe you’ve got one of those pets that thinks you’re sharing its home!  Either way, here’s some inspiration to make their little lives even more blissful!

There are plenty of ideas to give your pet its very own home.

Dog Mansion

Of course, pets should have a shelter outside when they enjoy the good air in your garden. Building the shelter yourself ensures that all your pet’s needs are met. You can add a slide, a terrace or a green roof – anything to make them comfortable!

Pampered pets also require a place of their own indoors! But if you live in a small home, we also have space efficient ideas which you can try. Don’t have that extra space under the stairs? Why not integrate your pet’s bed into one of your furniture pieces?

Check out our collection of chicken coops, doghouses, cat beds, and other pet accommodations.

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