Container herb gardens and other herb garden ideas

We don't have a wagon wheel lying around, but for an idea for growing herbs, this is pretty good.
We don’t have a wagon wheel lying around, but for an idea for growing herbs, this is pretty good.

For those of us who like cooking, there is nothing nicer than having fresh herbs on hand to complete a meal. But the use of herbs are not limited for cooking. You can also use them as medicinal aids, as aromatic fresheners or simply as decorative plants.

Herb Garden Ideas

Growing herbs is an easy and very rewarding task. Even if you’re new to gardening you can have high success in growing your own herb garden. You can start with a basic container herb garden and grow it indoors. You can repurpose just about any unused item in your home, and turn it into a container herb garden.

Hanging Shoe Storage Vertical Planter - The Owner-Builder Network

Even if you’re short on garden space it’s still possible to grow herbs using vertical planting methods. This allows you to grow a surprisingly great quantity of herbs in a very limited space. With minimal time, money, and effort invested, you’ll be able to reap a lot of benefits from your own herb garden.

Here are a few ideas for creating a herb garden at your place!

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Labelled Pots
Vertical Planters
Spiral Herb Garden
Recycled Materials
Garden Beds
Table Planter
Pallet Vertical Herb Garden

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