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Unique and Creative DIY Leaf-Shaped Bird Bath

DIY Leaf-Shaped Bird Bath
DIY Leaf-Shaped Bird Bath

Bird baths provide a much-needed source of water for our feathered friends during the hot summer months. By adding a leaf-shaped bird bath to your yard, you can provide a vital resource for birds, while also enjoying their presence and beauty.

Add water and they will come! A birdbath is a great water feature to add to your garden. AIl birds need to drink and most like to bathe.  In fact, after setting up a birdbath you’ll probably see species you didn’t even know were in your area.

You may already have a bird feeder, but not all birds are seed-eaters. Honeyeaters and insectivorous birds just aren’t drawn to bird feeders. On the other hand, all birds love to socialize with other birds while drinking and bathing. This makes birdbath a better option.

The birdbath featured here has a unique design and is completely DIY. When the wildlife isn’t using it, you can still admire your own handiwork!

Creating your own leaf-shaped bird bath

What you’ll need:

  • Quikrete
  • Coltsfoots leaf
  • Container for mixing
  • Gloves
  • Garden trowel
  • Heap of Sand
  • Shovel
Prepare your quikrete

The main difference between Quikrete and concrete is that Quikrete is a premixed concrete. Concrete is a mixture of sand, cement and aggregate stone, water, and other ingredients.

Quikrete is premixed and contains the same ingredients as concrete, but comes in smaller bags and set up faster. Mixed it in a large container.

The Mould

We will be using a coltsfoot leaf as our primary mould. We have chosen to use a coltsfoot leaf because of its size. However, you could use any other giant leaf that is available.

Using a coltsfoot leaf as our primary mould for our leaf-shaped bird bath has a few distinct advantages. The size of the leaf will allow us to create a larger bird bath. And the shape of the leaf will add an interesting texture to the finished product.

The process

Prepare a heap of sand over a tarp or any hard surface. Then set your coltsfoot leaf upside down on the sand. Using a trowel, start covering the leaf with Quikrete, making sure that it will be able to hold a lot of water.

After the Quikrete has had time to dry and harden over the coltsfoot leaf, carefully remove the coltsfoot leaf from the bird bath. You may need to use a utility knife or other sharp object to loosen the edges of the leaf before carefully peeling it away from the Quikrete.

If any Quikrete is still attached to the leaf, use a brush or other tool to remove it from your leaf-shaped bird bath.

Your new leaf-shaped bird bath should be a lovely addition to your garden, and providing water for the birds will be a rewarding experience.

When choosing a location for your leaf-shaped bird bath, it is important to consider both the visibility of the bath for the birds, as well as the proximity of trees or shrubs that could provide them with shelter. Experimenting with a few different locations may help you to find the perfect spot for your feathered visitors.

If you had a leaf-shaped bird bath in your garden, what kinds of birds do you think would come to bathe in it? If you live in an urban area, you might see sparrows, pigeons, and finches bathing in your bird bath. If you live in a more rural area, you might see robins, bluebirds, and cardinals.

No matter what kinds of birds you see, it would be a fun way to observe them up close!f birds using your bird bath.

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Source: Garden Stew

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