Casa Chipicas

Privacy was a dominant concern...

Valle de Bravo, México  –   Alejandro Sanchez Garcia Arquitectos Total Built Area:     720 m2  (7,776 sq. ft.) Unit size:     180 m2  (1,944 sq. ft) Year built:    2009 Photography:    Jaime Navarro Soto The land was a well established garden, subdivided off an existing home. The brief was to make […]

U3 House

Fukuoka, Japan – Architect Show Project Built: 2012 Photography: Toshihisa Ishii   Location and area can be a challenge when designing a house, but this relatively small residence stands out in a dense neighbourhood. Its dark walnut angled base gives the bare structure above it some character.     The living area of this house […]

5 Advantages of Hobbit Homes

The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy may have made Hobbit Homes famous in recent years, but this style of building has been around for centuries. Hobbit homes are a type of earth shelter dwellings built into hillsides. They are usually round or oval in shape, with a low door and windows set into the […]

Timms Bach – an off the grid beach shelter

Auckland, New Zealand – Herbst Architects Year built:      2005 – 2010 Photography:      Jackie Meiring Awards:      2011 – NZIA Auckland architecture award A bach is Kiwi for ‘cabin’. They can be at the beach, in the snow or anywhere in between. The common thread is that they are lightweight structures […]

Caterpillar House

A steep, rocky site overlooking the city...

Santiago de Chile, Chile – Sebastián Irarrázaval Built Area:     350m2  (3,780 sq. ft.) Photography:      Sergio Pirrone Santiago de Chile backs up to the Andes Mountains but, to limit urban sprawl, no construction is permitted above 1,000 meters. Given that the breezes, fresh air and views are high above the city, that […]

Cancer Centre Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands – MVRDV Site area: 2,000 m2 Building area: 2,000 m2 Total floor area: 6,000 m2 Year of completion: 2006 Quantity of Containers: 256 What you see here is a temporary building! It’s purpose is to house the The Cancer Centre Amsterdam which is part of the Antony van Leeuwenhoek Hospital. It’s located in Amsterdam, […]

The Redmond Treehouse

The Redmond Treehouse - Redmond, Washington

Redmond, Washington – Steve Rondel Most kids dream of having a tree house for a hideaway or just a place to play in. Some parents indulge their kids and build one for them. One dad took to the task on a higher level – literally – three storeys high in fact, with what is now […]

Made in China – at home in Kansas City

Concept drawing - Glassberg container home

Kansas City, Missouri – BNIM Architects (Yes Dorothy, there really is a Kansas City in Missouri) Built area: 2,600 square foot  (240 m2) Year built: 2009 Take a typical suburban lot, five shipping containers, a determined woman and a willing architect and you get this stunning home. Most of the container fit-out was carried out […]

The Mini-B

The Mini-B

Seattle, WA  –  Joseph Giampietro Built area:    29 m2 (300 sq. ft.) Photography: Mini-B Passive House It may be small, but the Mini-B(ungalow) is a fully certified ‘passivhaus’.  In common with all its brethren, it uses only around 10% of the energy of a comparatively sized, conventionally built home. The home was built to demonstrate […]

Extraordinary Container Hybrid Homes – Q and A’s

Container housing in Sri Lanka

Colombo, Sri Lanka – Hybrid Homes (pvt) Ltd This is an interesting gallery of hybrid homes less for the design it presents – which is remarkably similar to ‘The Container of Hope’ – as it is for the costings and ensuing Q. and A.’s: Costings: The home shown here is built out of three 20′ […]

At home in ‘The Hamptons’

The First Container Home in the Hamptons

Amagansett, New York – SG Blocks Built area:     180m2 (1942 sq. ft.) + 120m2 (1,300 sq. ft.) of decks Year built:      2011 Photography:      Prudential Douglas Elliman ‘The Hamptons’ are the summer and occasional weekend retreat for many of New York’s elite. Located on the eastern end of Long Island, houses regularly sell for $10 […]

Liray Container Home

Bright Cargo Container Casa in Chile

Santiago, Chile – Ruben Rivera Peede Land Area:     6,775 m2 (72,925 sq. ft.) Project Area:     115.01 m2   (1,237 sq. ft.) Year built:     2010 Builder:     Proyecto ARQtainer Materials: Corten steel shipping containers, steel frame, thermal pane window, plasterboard and sprayed cellulose insulation. One of the most common objections we hear about container […]

Mobile Dwelling Unit

Mobile Dwelling Unit - LOT-EK

New York, United States – LOT-EK Built area: 46 m2 (500 sq. ft.) Year built: 2003 Photography: Walker Art Center In recent years, ‘slide-out’ sections in mobile homes and caravans have become common place but 10 years ago the design team of  Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano developed this ground-breaking design…   “One shipping container is transformed into […]

World’s Smallest Mobile Home

An eggalant solution to a common problem in Beijing :)

Beijing China  –  Dai Haifei As we’ve said before, it’s always interesting to see the homes that architects build for themselves. In this instance, it was an architecture student who faced a common problem with a unique solution… An egg-shaped home on wheels – elegant, simple, and most certainly green! This egg-shaped home on wheels […]

Discarded Pallets and Containers = One Significant Home!

Containers and pallets

Curacavi  Chile  –  James and Mau Architecture Built Area:     160 m2 + 15 m2 decks (1,730 sq. ft. + 162 sq. ft. decks).) Year Built:      2009 Photography:  Antonio Corcuera Built in just 90 days, this home demonstrates that it is possible to recycle and repurpose in a very serious and permanent […]

5 Amazing Benefits of Blooming Bamboo – HandP Architects

Co Nhue, Tu Liem, Ha Noi Vietnam  –Built Area:  –  44m2Year Built:  – 2013Winner:  American Architecture Prize 2017 The goal of this Blooming Bamboo home is to solve the housing problem of millions of people. Bamboo remains a massively under-rated building resource in the first world. Sure we use it in laminates but that is ultimately […]

A Farmhouse 200 Years in the Making

Floating Farmhouse – Givone Home Location: Eldred, New York, USA Built:  1820 Renovation Completed:  2012 The floating farmhouse is the result of a solo mission by self-taught designer Tom Givone to resuscitate a 19th-century homestead. He categorizes the farmhouse not as an experiment in greening but as an exercise in responsible building; its low carbon footprint […]

Big, Bold, New and Old

Stone and reclaimed timbers

Jackson Hole Wyoming USA  –  Atelier One Year Built:     2010 Built Area:      Substantial! Not everyone wants or can afford a home of this size. However, it is refreshing to see such a substantial home using so much reclaimed timber. In fact, despite it’s substantial size, the use of reclaimed timber, wood […]

Thailand Dome House – Steve Areen

A mango farm somewhere in North-East Thailand  –  Steve Areens… Built area:    500 sq. ft.  (46 m2) + hammock 😉 Steve Areen went from flight steward to owner-builder of this unique home. He completed the main structural work to habitable standard in just six weeks with one full time helper and one casual hand […]

Hillside at Kentfield

High on a hill with mountain and bay views

Kentfield California  USA  –  Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects Built Area:     5,900 sq.ft.  (546 m2) Year built:      2010 Photography by:     David Wakely Photography Situated on a steep site overlooking mountains and the bay, this home has been designed for a long term, sustainable existence.  Comprising three levels, with the master bedroom […]

Elm and Willow House

Existing mature trees determined the extension's footprint

Melbourne  VIC  Australia  –  Architects EAT Built area:     280 m2  (3,025 sq. ft.) Year Built:    2009 Awards:        AIA Victorian Chapter Residential Award The home is located in an older suburb, 10 kilometres (6.5 miles) from the centre of Melbourne.  The original home, consistent with the Edwardian era in which it was built, was […]

Rounded in every sense…

Domespace - France

Anywhere you’d like it – Domespace  France More years ago than I care to remember, I bought my first Citroën car, a DS21 Goddess.  The innovation was mind-boggling.  In following years I owned various French cars finding them all idiosyncratic but delightful to drive.  But over time, global conformity set in and the innovation died. […]

57th and Vivian – Modular, Prefabricated and ‘Net Zero’ Solar

Vancouver  Canada  –  Lanefab Design/Build Lot frontage:     50ft (15 metres)Built area:    1020 sq. ft. (95 m2) including single garage Photography:     Dylan Doubt Cities and local governments around the world are struggling with the challenges of urban sprawl. The financial cost of providing roads and transport infrastructure and maintenance is crippling budgets. And, […]