5 Housing Options for a Comfortable Retirement

If you are nearing retirement, it’s important to know where you want to settle. You will want to live in a community that’s comfortable and cozy. It’s also important to find a house where you can live on your terms. Your choice of a great place to live in during your retirement will depend on […]

Garage Conversions

Garage Conversions – The Smart way to Convert. Converting a garage into a granny flat is certainly one way to create a separate dwelling in your own back yard. And because the roof, walls and floor are already in place, it can be a relatively inexpensive process.   However, it’s not quite as simple as throwing […]

A global problem – a backyard solution…

In this article, I’m going to focus on Sydney, Australia because I know it intimately.  But Sydney is no different to all the world’s major cities.  It ran out of readily accessible land decades ago! People are now forced to commute for up to two hours just to get to their workplace! Sound familiar? People and local governments all over the world are interested in […]