10 Amazing Upcycled Soda Crate Projects You Shouldn’t Miss

Soda Crates

Modern packaging may have its advantages, but it certainly lacks lasting appeal. Somehow, we just can’t see cardboard or shrinkwrap looking this good in another 30 years!   Does the rustic look fit your taste? Then upcycled soda crate projects will definitely suit your home! It seems everybody is jumping on the vintage bandwagon these days […]

Charming Lace Effect Painting on a Dresser in 8 Simple Steps

How To Paint A Lace Effect On A Dresser

Giving your home a fresh, new look doesn’t always require making drastic changes. Sometimes all you need is to redesign certain elements in the room, such as furniture. Take a look at this great dresser with a lace effect painting! A lace effect painting on a dresser is a good example to highlight your cabinet drawers with […]

Build Your American Flag Pallet Coffee Table With This Easy 8-Step Guide

American Flag Coffee Table

Now, this is impressive DIY furniture expressing patriotism! Do you have some pallets waiting for a project? Why not try making a pallet coffee table with your own country’s flag? 🙂 Historically, flags originated as military standards. Soldiers used flags as field signals. The practice of flying flags indicating the country of origin outside of […]

6 Unique Crib and Cradle Ideas with Big Savings

Unique Crib Cradle Ideas

Expecting a baby for the first time? Then it’s also time to get that baby shopping list ready! First up, the crib and cradle! Now we know how exciting it is to buy a brand new baby crib, but here’s an idea that could be even more exciting. 😉 Good crib and cradle ideas can be a defining […]

Comfortable Bench From Upcycled Dresser: 8-Step Build

DIY Dresser Bench - After

If you’re thinking of throwing out your old dresser, you might want to think again. Dressers are a mainstay in almost every bedroom, and even though they might be subject to daily wear and tear, that doesn’t mean they can’t be repaired. You can give it life as a bench from upcycled dresser. When it’s […]

Build the Best Raised Garden Bed with Benches in 4 Steps!

Gardening is relaxing, but can also be a pain in the back. Most gardening activities require kneeling or bending to tend to your plants. Raised garden bed with benches is a great way of making gardening accessible to everyone in your house. The simplest solution is to have a raised garden bed. With a raised garden […]

Doctor Who Tardis Cat Fort – 3 Best Designs

Doctor Who has become a worldwide phenomenon as well as the BBC’s flagship television series. For those who don’t know, the show – a sci-fi and fantasy staple in the United Kingdom since 1963 – concerns the exploits of an alien called the Doctor. The Doctor travels through time and space in something called the […]

Innovative Horseshoe Christmas Tree – 3 Essentials

Horseshoe Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is a time-honoured tradition that families across the globe have enjoyed for centuries. This cherished custom typically involves the selection and decoration of a large evergreen tree, which is often placed in a prominent location within the home. For many, the Christmas tree is seen as a symbol of hope and good […]

5 Unique Upcycled Tree Stump Ideas: Sustainable Decorations

Have you cut down a tree and wondered what to do next? Maybe you’re still struggling on what to do with the parts/ How about using it for a functional upcycled tree stump decoration? They’re tough to remove by hand and a stump grinder doesn’t come cheaply. Instead of paying to remove your logs and stumps, […]

7 Awesome Gallon Metal Drum Project Ideas

Metal Drum Projects

A used and empty drum just lying around a yard is an ugly sight. Some will just walk past it, while others can see the amazing potential of ‘ugly’ metal drums and create an amazing metal drum project. A metal drum project is a way of upcycling an empty metal drum which is an inexpensive way […]

7 Creative and Unusual Mailbox Designs

Creative Unusual Mailbox Ideas

Have you ever thought of upgrading your mailbox? Well, we all love creative project ideas that make every home unique and express the individuality of its owner. If you, too, love designing and doing DIY projects for things around your house, you will enjoy this collection of unusual mailbox designs! This album is about unusual mailbox designs you […]

8 Old Screen Door Ideas: Sustainable & Charming

Even old screen doors can be re-purposed in a number of clever and beautiful ways! If you have one, then you’ve got to see these ideas… Old and weathered screen doors may look ugly for an entry door, but re-purposing or upcycling is a great way for bringing out their beauty. So don’t throw away […]

Easy Guide To Underground Drainage Systems

When building your dream home, there seems to be a million critical items on your checklist that you must consider, otherwise, the project won’t be entirely successful. One of these is underground drainage.  Before jumping in to purchase the necessary equipment and lay the pipes, you must have some background information on underground drainage systems. […]

8 Awesome Aquarium and Fish Pond Ideas for Your Backyard

Having a pond or aquarium in your backyard doesn’t have to be an expensive project. Glass aquariums are pricey, require constant maintenance, and are not always attractive, especially outdoors. Well, there are other options that are just as visually attractive if not more at a fraction of the price of the conventional aquariums. You can […]

6 Best DIY Stuffed Animal Zoo Design

Stuffed toys are great for kids of all ages. They can be used as a cuddle buddy, or as a toy to play with. There are so many different kinds of stuffed animals, that there is sure to be perfect for your child. Your child will love snuggling up with their new stuffed animal, and […]

Build a Cat Castle to Keep Your Pets Busy: 7 Easy Steps

DIY Cat Castle

Do you have a cat at home that you want to keep from climbing your furniture? A cat castle like any of these is sure to do the trick! All pets need a place of their own indoors, just like every family member needs their own space. Cats, specifically, love spending time in high places which is why a […]

Recycled Trampoline Swing Bed: 5 Creative Designs For Your Outdoor Oasis

Everybody enjoys jumping on a trampoline, but all good things come to an end. The question is what to do when your trampoline is wrecked beyond repair? The best solution is to turn it into a circular swing bed! You might have seen those luxurious swing beds hanging from ceilings or trees. We all know […]

Chickens Toys 101: Ingenious Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss

Toys for Chickens

Chickens enjoy getting busy. Most of the time, they are constantly rushing around, scratching, and pecking at stuff. They are social creatures and like to interact with other chickens. It’s important to give them plenty of things to keep them busy. A coop with a lot of wood shavings, an obstacle course with toys and […]

8 Extraordinary Human-Powered Washing Machine Designs

Off-Grid Washing Machines

A washing machine nowadays is a must-have home appliance, especially on busy days. Off the grid? No problem. Camping holiday? No problem. Want some exercise while you save money? No problem. All you need is a nifty human-powered washing machine. Even though wet clothes are stacked up in this washer, it does not pause to […]

Log Cabin Construction Tips and Tricks for a Sturdy Build

Live harmoniously with nature, as log cabins provide a serene connection to the great outdoors.

Dreaming of a snug log cabin in the woods? You’re not alone! Log cabins, the OG in cozy living, have been a go-to for homes and vacay spots for ages. But, let’s be real – turning that dream into reality? A bit of a rollercoaster! From picking materials to nailing a rock-solid foundation, building a […]

Create Incredible Dragonfly Yard Art in 5 Easy Steps

Ceiling Fan Blades Dragonflies

Let giant dragonflies invade your garden or yard by upcycling old ceiling fan blades! This outdoor decor is sure to make passers-by take a second look. Fortunately creating your own DIY Dragonfly yard art can be done easily. Don’t have an old ceiling fan? Why not search your local thrift store? And while you’re there, go […]

DIY Dog House: Crafting a Comfortable Retreat for Your Furry Pal

A DIY dog house built for the family pet.

Building a DIY dog house is more than just a weekend project. It’s a chance to provide a safe and cozy space for your furry friend. This article will guide you through each step, from choosing materials to adding the final touches. Whether you’re a DIY novice or a seasoned pro, you’ll find useful tips […]

The Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

One of the rooftop rainwater harvesting systems for home use.

Rainwater harvesting is not just a trend. It’s a smart way to save water and protect our planet. This method collects rainwater for future use, like watering plants or flushing toilets.  This article explores the benefits of installing a rainwater harvesting system. What is Rainwater Harvesting Rainwater harvesting is a simple idea. It means collecting […]