Bridge House

Zaokskiy, Russia – BIO-architects

Built Area: 150.0 m2
Year Built: 2018
Photographs:  Art Lasovsky

Living atop a stream? Why not?
Living atop a stream? Why not?

The Bridge House sits on top of a small creek in the middle of a Russian forest. In summertime, it hovers above lush vegetation and a flowing stream. During winter, the stream turns into a frozen riverbed. No matter what the season is, the house provides enough space for relaxed living.

The house features a traditional gable roof, although it is lower than those of the surrounding houses. Support is found only at both ends of the structure, as the house floats above the river.  It has glazed facades that allow generous amounts of natural light into the house. As a result, the interiors are bright, airy, and filled with light.

Despite its narrow and small size, the Bridge House is light, airy, and bright.
Despite its narrow and small size, the Bridge House is light, airy, and bright.

Bridge House has a kitchen, living room, and a small mezzanine. There are two bedrooms, each with their own bathrooms. Outside, there’s a deck area, covered but still exposed. During summer, the area provides a place where one can easily connect with nature. Despite its small and narrow size, the house actually packs a punch.

Notes from the Architect:

This project has become a challenge for us and an unexpectable decision for a client. The idea of the second house on site was transformed into a game of the wooden structure between two banches.

The internal space that was formed by the structure has become the wide open place for creative work. All the load carrying structure is made of wood. There is a living room with the kitchen, two sleeping rooms with the bathrooms and sleeping spaces on the second floor of the living room.

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Exterior Views:

Interior Views:

Drawing Views:

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