AC Maintenance: When Is It Time to Call the Experts

You can do these things to keep your AC in good shape...
You can do these things to keep your AC in good shape…

Most people don’t think twice about their AC until something goes wrong. But, if you want maximum efficiency at a minimum cost, you need to properly maintain your AC unit. By doing so, you can expect it to serve you well for years to come. You can do some things to keep your AC in good shapes, such as changing the air filters, removing debris from the air ducts, etc. 

However, sometimes an issue will arise that is beyond your capabilities, and it will be time to call in a professional. The following are times or cases where it is better to call the experts than do it yourself:

No Air Coming From The Vents

This is probably the easiest sign to notice that something is wrong. Since it is symptomatic of a serious problem, it’s definitely time to contact a professional AC repair technician. The one thing that your AC unit should obviously do is produce an airflow, whether it be hot, cold, or just the ambient temperature. No airflow means there is something wrong with your air-conditioning unit. You can tell if your AC is not producing any air as there will be no change in your home’s temperature even after adjusting the thermostat

Moreover, you can place your hand over the vents to determine if the AC is producing any air. A host of issues could cause this problem, but it requires a knowledgeable and experienced professional to know what it is. Therefore, if you experience this issue, contact an expert immediately.

The AC Is Producing Weird Noises

When you hear weird noises coming from your AC, it is often a grave sign, particularly of poor maintenance. Only significant issues can cause your AC to produce such noises. These noises will often sound like metal clanging and banging, which occurs when your AC turns itself on and off, but something is wrong. 

Your AC will turn on and off when functioning according to the needs of your home, but the transition should be smooth and quiet. Knowing what is wrong with your AC can be challenging, but an expert will. They will fix the issue promptly and save you much more expensive repairs down the road.

The purpose of an AC unit is to cool your home when it is hot and to heat it when it is cold.

The AC Is Not Producing Cold or Warm Air

The purpose of an AC unit is to cool your home when it is hot and to heat it when it is cold. It does so by blowing hot and cool air respectively into your home. You should start right in front of the AC vents and have someone adjust the thermostat to see if it produces hot or cold air. 

There could be refrigerant leaking, an issue with the compressor, or problems with the electrical circuitry. There are several types of aircon repairs you can perform yourself, with a bit of YouTube, but more complex problems may require contacting an AC technician that specializes in maintenance services. Serious issues, like failing compressors or coils, will only worsen until a professional fix it, as you probably will be unable to do it.


An AC unit requires a refrigerant for it to cool or heat your home. The refrigerant could leak due to various reasons leading to low refrigerant levels and the poor performance of the AC. An AC’s refrigerant is a hazardous chemical you should not handle without the requisite knowledge and equipment. 

Therefore, it will be best to contact an AC repair professional who knows how to handle the substance and repair the leak. They will also know where to get more refrigerants to ensure your AC continues to function optimally. 

AC maintenance is essential as it can help you discover issues with your AC before they become too serious. You should regularly take a walk around your AC; if you see a puddle or leaking, something is wrong. A blockage in the condensation line could also cause a leaking unit. 

A freeze due to cold weather may cause such a blockage. Only a professional will handle the problem quickly and successfully.

AC Producing Odors

If the AC functions appropriately, it should blow clean, fresh air into your home. If you start noticing foul smells in your home, you should try and pinpoint the source. If you cannot find it, try turning off the AC; if the odor disappears, it means it is coming from the AC. 

You can then smell the air coming directly from the vents, and if it has a smell, it may be time to contact a professional. The odor could smell like that of burning metal, which means that the wiring in the AC is burning and could cause a debilitating fire. 

It could also be quite musty or stale, meaning there is mold in the unit, which poses a significant health risk to you and your family. If you smell any of the above odors, call an AC repair professional immediately and save yourself a lot of trouble.

High Energy Bills

If you see increases in your energy bill but have kept your energy usage roughly the same, it may be a sign that something is wrong with your AC. Your bill will show you if you have been using more energy than usual, and will often be a significant increase. 

High energy bills are typically a sign that your AC is operating inefficiently. If so, it could be that your AC unit is very old or various mechanical components are worn out and will have to be replaced or repaired by a qualified professional.

The size of your home will often determine the size of the AC unit you need. 
The size of your home will often determine the size of the AC unit you need. 

A Unit Mismatch

Sometimes, you will move into a home that already has an HVAC unit, or the owners might install a standard unit on the property. You will soon discover that the AC is not fulfilling your home’s needs. The size of your home will often determine the size of the AC unit you need. 

If your AC is too big or small; you will be wasting energy and money. It would be best to have a technician evaluate the situation and advise you on the best HVAC unit size for your property. 


There are AC issues that you can quickly address as a homeowner. However, other issues will require professional expertise, such as those above. It is always a good idea to have a professional conduct AC maintenance as they will know what to fix before it is too late. You also have to be vigilant to ensure the optimal condition of your AC unit. 



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