7 Ways To Keep Seasonal Pests Away

Below we’ve listed 7 suggestions that will help keep you, your family, and your home free of seasonal pests.

When the weather cools and leaves change color, it’s not just nature’s way of preparing for winter, as pests are also looking for a place to hibernate and wait out the season. And during these times, it’s natural to be concerned about pest infestations in your home, as they can damage your property and even threaten your health. 

Luckily, there are many proven solutions to address this pesky problem. Below we’ve listed 7 suggestions that will help keep you, your family, and your home free of seasonal pests:

1. Consider Pest Control Treatments

Seasonal pests could differ from area to area, and some may have more of one than the other. Some of the most common seasonal pests homeowners can find in the home include rodents, fleas, ants, bed bugs, and cockroaches.  

Seeing any of them around the home will prompt any homeowner to take action quickly, preventing the infestation from spreading and causing damage to the property.

Moreover, there’s also the possibility of residents becoming ill from the critters that could carry bacteria, viruses, or parasites. Fleas, for example, can cause feverish conditions and a severely itchy rash on the skin.

Fortunately, there are several effective pest control treatments and resources like this guide to prevent fleas that residents can use to rid the home of unwanted intruders. Some of the most effective methods include:

  • Spraying chemicals
  • Baiting with pesticide blocks or traps
  • Injections for plants or trees
  • Repellent agents for humans and home surfaces

Consulting a professional pest control business can give you more information on each method, allowing you to choose which option suits your needs best. Moreover, you can ask about their seasonal offers and perhaps arrange for them to visit the home with every change of season to inspect for new infestations. 

2. Get Rid Of Standing Water

Standing water outside the home can create a breeding environment for mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and other pests. With this in mind, homeowners should ensure as little of it as possible to effectively manage these nuisances around the house.

Being aware of the fact that it can attract more pests, removing the standing water will be the next step. For those who need more information, below are some of the ways to minimize standing water in the yard:

  • Water plants with a garden hose to reduce the amount of excess water in the garden. This can help ensure that only the precise amount of water is delivered to the plants while the ground absorbs the rest.
  • Check the home’s gutters and drains to ensure they are clear of debris and clogs which can hinder the water from flowing, causing it to become a stagnant breeding ground.
  • If you have plants in pots, lift them off the ground using pot plant ‘feet’ as that will allow the pots to drain properly. Avoid using pot saucers as they are a perfect breeding ground for pests.

3. Ensure Trash Cans Are Sealed

The trash can could also be a source of many different pest infestations, with flies in the summer months, rodents throughout the year, and cockroaches preferring to find food from the garbage. And so, by keeping your home’s trash can sealed, clean, and sanitized, you can reduce the chances of attracting rodents or insects to get into or take over the house.

Each time the bin goes out to the curb, wash it thoroughly with detergent and disinfectant before taking it back home or placing it outside the door. Adding this to the routine on trash day can give you the chance to control pests before they get out of hand.

Food leftovers could attract all sorts of troublesome menaces like ants and cockroaches.

4. Clean Up Food Leftovers

Food leftovers could attract all sorts of troublesome menaces like ants and cockroaches who come out looking for something to eat. Therefore, keeping the kitchen clean and clear is one of the best remedies for a homeowner to keep them at bay. 

Doing the dishes daily, cleaning up spills, wiping down surfaces, and sealing open containers or packets, could also contribute to a pest-free environment.

They’re generally easy to install, and even with little to no experience in DIY, one could install them. 

5. Use Screens On Your Doors And Windows

Another way you can keep seasonal pests like mosquitoes and flies out of your home is by using screens on doors and windows. Even a handmade screen door or window screen can stop almost any type of insect from entering the house and causing havoc. 

As a homeowner, you can look for such screens online or at the nearest hardware store. They’re generally easy to install, and even with little to no experience in DIY, one could install them. 

6. Trim The Trees, Shrubs, And Bushes

Insects such as mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas are just a few pests one can expect to see in the yard during summer. Thus, trimming back bushes and trees and keeping the lawn short and well-kept can make it much harder for these pests to build their nests, multiply and cause issues in your household.

However, a tip to note is that even before the season starts to turn, make it a habit to perform the necessary upkeep in your garden or yard to manage pests throughout the year more effectively.

7. Seal Any Cracks Or Holes

Sealing any cracks or holes in or around the home, especially between floorboards, windows, or doors, so that no pests can enter the house from the outside can also be an excellent defense. Blocking their entryways with caulk or other sealant products can help keep the unwanted menaces where they belong – outside. 

This is critical as pests can easily crawl through cracks or holes in the home’s exterior and could start to make your home theirs. And before homeowners could even notice, the problem could get out of hand, leaving them with more damage or health issues than expected.

Final Thoughts

Pests are annoyances that could suck all the fun out of a beautiful day. No one wants to ruin their day by coming across a rodent in the living room, cockroaches in the cupboards, or ants crawling over the kitchen floor.

For this reason, homeowners must ensure to take care of these opportunistic menaces by controlling how they enter the home and not allowing them to multiply into masses. Calling a professional may be the only way for houses to eliminate existing infestations. However, following the tips mentioned here could contribute to a pest-free home every season. 



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