The Hackney Shed

Garden Studio Hackney, London – Office Sian Studio

Year Built:  2010
Awards:  Architect’s Journal Small Projects Shortlist 2011
NLA Best Domestic/Office Refurbishment Projects Shortlist 2010

It’s simple and it’s relatively inexpensive with a rapid payback period when compared to paying a commercial rental. And, of course, it’s a short walk to work!

Situated in a domestic garden in Hackney, this new ‘shed’ replaced a dilapidated asbestos-ridden and spider-filled hut.  It now acts as a working studio for the owners. It was built on a tight budget and time frame.

A simple, elegant workspace
A simple, elegant workspace

Simple, inexpensive materials are used to create a functional and warm urban haven including completely retractable, oak framed full-height doors that allow for a clear view of the garden and a visually greater space than is actually occupied.

By including shelving into the structure, the usable floor area has been maximised. The large doors and the massive ‘sky-window’ at the rear of the space ensure excellent natural lighting as well as a ready distraction whenever ‘thinking time’ is needed.

The materials used have been chosen to enforce a sustainable attitude to design. The sheet and rough-sawn timber was sourced from timber merchants who commit to sourcing wood responsibly and from sustainable sources. The design was developed as much as possible to follow the modular sizes of the sheet timber, so as to minimise cutting, and therefore waste, during the construction period. The high insulation levels of ‘The Shed’ allow for low energy costs throughout its lifetime of use as a studio and office space for many years to come.”

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