Water Gardens and Features

Water Gardens and Features


To most of us, water is a calming influence – looking at it, listening to it, feeling it on our skin.  But a good water feature can do much more by creating breezes where none would otherwise exist.

A water feature can add calm and serenity to your outdoor space or garden.

Moving water will not  breed mosquitoes.  There are very inexpensive solar pumps and fountains that will circulate your water.

If you prefer still water, just add some mosquito eating fish like the Pacific Blue-eye and you will gain extra beauty as well as mozzie control. Just make sure you give the fish somewhere to hide or you’ll have some very happy birds for a day or so!

There are a lot of water features that you can choose from. Pick a design that will work best for your garden or lawn. The gallery below will offer you lots of design inspiration.

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