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Water Gardens and Features – Exciting Ideas for Your Landscape

Water Gardens and Features

Do you ever want to build your own water gardens or a beautiful water feature? If you want a unique way of improving your landscape and creating a very calming atmosphere, then you should try these water garden ideas.

Water is a representation of tranquility. To most of us, water is a calming influence – looking at it, listening to it, feeling it on our skin. But creating a good water garden or a nice water feature can do so much more by creating breezes where none would otherwise exist.

A good water garden is an astonishing addition to your landscape. With the help of aquatic plants, such as water lilies, water hyacinth, and lotus your water garden will be a more inviting project that your family and friends would enjoy.

Water gardens and water features are becoming increasingly popular as landscape features because they can provide a beautiful and interesting focal point for a landscape that can also serve as a wonderful retreat for wildlife and a haven for nature lovers.

Adding a water feature to your landscape can provide a place for birds and other wildlife to gather for a bath and a drink. It can serve as a place to cool off on a hot day and a place to retreat from predators.

Water features can be found in almost every culture throughout the world and are an integral part of the landscape in both rural and urban areas.

It can also help to create a more inviting home environment and improve the overall look of any landscape.

What to consider if building your own water garden or features?

You should have a plan for what you want to create and where you want to locate the area. You must have a plan for water circulation, waterfalls, and electrical if required.

You will need to decide if you want to build a pond or a water garden. There are plants and fish that are better for water gardens than ponds.

Water gardens come in many shapes and sizes. A pond may be the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about a water garden, and for good reason. But ponds are not the only option, in fact, ponds are arguably the worst choice, especially in smaller spaces that have no natural sunlight.

You can consider still water for your project though.  You can add fish to your water garden to make sure no mosquito would nest. The Pacific Blue-eye is a good choice to gain extra beauty, it will also serve as a mozzie control.

If you consider adding fishes to your water garden, you should consider building a hiding place for your fishes as well if you don’t want those birds to have a feast on them for a day or so.

If still water is not your ideal type, then you can consider moving water. This way, no mosquito can ever nest on your water feature.

You can build it using very reasonable solar pump and fountains available in the market. It will help circulate your water.

There are various of ideas that can help you with your water garden and features project. You can have a traditional pond or fountains installed in your backyard but reinventing it is best.

There are a lot of water features that you can choose from. You can pick a design that will work best for your garden or lawn. The gallery below will offer you lots of design inspiration.

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