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Here’s a piece of functional street art. What do you think of this bus stop?

Urban arts; public arts.  Not quite the same but close enough for us to feel comfortable putting them in the same gallery. Graffiti?  We have no time for it.  We feel it is just another form of vandalism.

Urban art is a type of craft that is usually found in urban areas. It can be anything from graffiti to murals to street art. Urban art often has a message or story that it is trying to tell.

Public art is a craft that is created in a public space. This can include sculptures, paintings, installations, and other forms of art. Public art can be created by anyone, from professional artists to amateurs.

It is often created with the intention of adding beauty or interest to a public space or provoking thought or conversation.

A friend of mine has just spent time in Egypt where apparently you just look for the giant shopping trolley to find the supermarket.

This is, of course, easy to distinguish from graffiti.  But what distinguishes urban art from graffiti?  We have a simple test… urban art engages our intelligence – graffiti insults it. We sincerely hope that the art featured here engages your senses.

What do you think of these urban arts?

Cool Bus Stop Design

It was definitely a cool bus stop design by a famous artist who left his mark. The bus stop was designed in such a way that you could rest on it if you wanted to. The bus stop was in tons of traffic, so people weren’t that comfortable resting.

Arts by Angela Lergo & Salustiano

As we continue to face ever-changing and uncertain times, it is more important than ever to find ways to bring a sense of stability into our lives. One way to do this is by investing in quality pieces that will stand the test of time – both in terms of style and durability.

This is where Meer comes in. Founded by Angela Lergo and Salustiano, Meer is a luxury home décor brand that specializes in timeless, handcrafted pieces that are built to last. What sets Meer apart from other brands is our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

The Sequence by Arne Quinze

The Sequence by Arne Quinze is a captivating work of public art that is sure to inspire passersby. This incredible sculpture is made up of a series of interconnected wooden sticks, creating a flowing, organic form.

The sculpture is illuminated from within, casting a warm, inviting glow onto the surrounding area. The Sequence is sure to add a touch of beauty and intrigue to any public space.

Street Art

Street art has become a popular form of urban art in recent years, and it can be found on buildings, sidewalks and windows throughout our cities. Street artists use the public spaces as a canvas and combine a variety of mediums to create unique pieces of art.

Street art faces many challenges, such as vandalism. The graffiti on the streets are regularly removed, making street art an ongoing battle. Street art faces a lot of challenges, including vandalism of the streets.

You Blew Me Away 8 by sculptor Penny Hardy

Penny Hardy is a renowned British sculptor, known for her impressive and innovative use of scrap metal in her artwork. Her sculpture, ‘You Blew Me Away 8’, is a beautiful and moving example of her talent.

The sculpture is made entirely from upcycled scrap metal, which Hardy has expertly shaped and welded into an intricate and delicate form. The sculpture is a powerful symbol of Hardy’s talent as an artist, as well as her commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

The sculpture itself is a stunning example of Hardy’s skill as a sculptor. The intricate metalwork is incredibly detailed and the overall effect is both beautiful and moving. The sculpture represents a

More of these urban arts we’ve prepared for you in our gallery.

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