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Wonderful people who did everything to save trees during home construction

Wonderful People who did everything to save trees during a home construction
People who did everything to save trees during home construction.

These wonderful people did everything to save trees during home construction instead of cutting them off. You can almost see it for real – your dream home all detailed and built in your mind.

You have also bought that perfect land property you’ve been looking for! But there’s just one, not-so-little problem. There’s a tree right in the middle of where your house would be…

Trees are the best parts of your house and garden. Plants, flowers, and trees are the part of all gardens where we can breathe fresh air and get full relaxation from them.

Most of the plants and flowers are meant for decoration and for getting a fresh smell in your room. But trees have different advantages than other plants.

Importance to save trees during home construction.

Trees in your home have a lot of advantages. Here are some of the reasons why you should save trees. Trees are natural air fresheners for your home.  Trees in your home absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.  

These trees also absorb other toxic gases, such as formaldehyde and ammonia.  They also eliminate pollutants from the air.  

Furthermore, these trees are known to increase the humidity level in your home. Trees in your homes release negative ions into the air.  These negative ions play a vital role in reducing stress and anxiety.  

They also improve energy levels.  Negative ions help you to unwind.  The conventional wisdom is that negative ions in the air help purify the environment and produce a calming effect on people.

The leaves of trees absorb the positive ions.  These positive ions are also produced at the expense of plants and animals, as they take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

We’ve all seen and heard several such scenarios in our neighborhood and even in the news. Too many trees have been cut over the years.

But with our growing concern with saving Mother Earth, more and more of our architects and designers are beginning to incorporate existing trees into their design instead of having them cut or relocated. By using trees in your design, you are balancing the urban environment with nature.

Designers are aware that the urban environment can seem sterile and cold and want to show that natural elements can be used to create a feeling of warmth within a space.

It is a subtle way of adding green space to an environment that is otherwise lacking. And will serves as one of the great reasons why people should save trees during home construction.

But when you try to incorporate trees with the house’s architecture just to save trees, make sure that the building’s foundation should be built to withstand the physical stress that the trees will put on it over time.

Both the weight and the height of the trees will put stress on the foundation over time. A good foundation will be able to accommodate the extra stress without losing integrity.

Below you’ll see our small collection of homes that have chosen to respect and save trees that have been living for years and even centuries in their area.

Architecture and Trees

See how nature and man-made structures can harmonize together through these wonderful designs. We hope you can get inspiration from these when building a new home or even a deck where trees are present.

Architecture and Trees

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