Shipping Containers

There are literally tens of thousands of unwanted containers piling up around the world. They are a direct reflection of globalization where it is cheaper to import than to manufacturer. And, unfortunately, it often costs more to ship an empty container back to its port of origin than the container is worth.  In some port cities, container stacks are becoming an urban nightmare.

Stacked containers looking for a home…
Stacked containers looking for a home…

While few would suggest that a container is a thing of beauty, it’s amazing what a little imagination and effort can achieve. The biggest challenge would be container home-owners face is local government restrictions. There is a pervasive perception of rusting, lop-sided containers littering neighbourhoods. The gallery here will hopefully inspire you to take up the cause of container living, even if you have no desire to live in one yourself!

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You’ll find the full details of these recycled shipping containers here:

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