Pet Stairs

Has your pet ever cried to you because he/she couldn’t  jump up and join you on the sofa? Seeing their cute but sad faces can be heartbreaking. Well, put an end to their woes with pet stairs.

Pet stairs lets little pets climb their favourite high places any time without help. 🙂

PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs
PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs – light weight but surprisingly sturdy!

Unlike other pet stairs product, the PupSTEP Plus does not include complicated assembly and set up. Just attach the the carpet strips included, unfold the unit to it’s locking position and it’s ready to use!

It includes siderails and, as mentioned, carpet strips to give your pets the confidence to climb up and down it. It’s perfect for small or medium-size dogs, as well as those in their golden years. With the PupSTEP pet stairs they can now get up on high sofas or bed on their own!

“My miniature dachshund learned to climb these steps in just a few tries. Now she can easily join her high jumping yorkie brother on the couch without help…”

Could your furry friend use one of these? It’s available on Amazon!


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