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Outstanding Outdoor Log Swing

A truly uniqueoutdoor swing
A truly unique outdoor log swing

The kids would call it a swing. I prefer to think of it as a love seat. The first section of this album features the work of member, Aaron LaVoy of Hortonville, Wisconsin.

We’re not sure that Aaron’s up to taking orders yet so we also found a nice hand-made alternative for those feeling a little envious 🙂  You’ll find that one in the second half of the album!

The breeze, the trees, and the sound of the birds chirping are all things that usually go unappreciated during your daily life.

Outdoor Log Swing by Aaron LaVoy

Just as branches are smaller versions of trunks, tree logs are smaller versions of tree trunks. Tree logs can be cut from your yard or purchased from a hardware store and used in a variety of craft projects.

An outdoor log swing brings all of these things together, making you feel like you’re in your childhood backyard again. Outdoor swings also give you a great view of the surrounding nature and environment.

Log swings are very good for any outdoor living area. It will be a piece of wood furniture that will give you a great look and a great feel. Log swings are on the rise as people are looking for log furniture that looks great, but is much more affordable.

The rustic look of a log swing makes you feel you are in a great vacation area, but it is a piece of log furniture that will bring you any feeling you want.

Log swings have been very popular for years and years. These days you can find them in parks, in yards and along lakes and rivers. They are often used as garden swings and as porch swings. But the log swing that really sets itself apart from the regular log swing is the Log Swing.

This swing is made from real wood. It has been sanded and smoothed. It is a very unique furniture piece with a lot of character. You will love how nice it looks in your yard, on your porch or in your garden.

It has been carefully sanded to preserve the wood’s natural smoothness. This swing has been created with a relatively thin layer of wood, so the centre of the log can be seen.

The Log Swing frame has been constructed from brown pine wood and is stained to match the bed’s surface. The swing has been secured using a hidden set of struts, and its four wooden legs can be varnished to match the swing’s surface.

The swing measures 80cm high and 180cm wide but can be easily adjusted to suit the number of people that can fit in. The swing is a truly functional piece that would look stunning in any outdoor living area.

The logs are very well attached to the swing, these swings are made to last and can hold several people, so you don’t need to worry about them breaking like the ones in some parks.

The log swings are very sturdy. These are made from real logs. They can be painted or left natural.

Would you like to build an outdoor swing for you and your family to enjoy? Then, maybe the pictures in our gallery can help you. So what are you waiting for? Start gathering all the materials needed for your swing, and start on the weekend.

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Check out these pictures if you’re interested to build your own outdoor log swing!

The Lakeland Mills cedar log swing from Amazon

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