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The Many Faces of a Polyhedron

Habitable Polyhedron Bogota Columbia – Manuel Villa

Built Area:     7.5 m2 (81 sq. ft.)
Year Built:     2009
Photography:  Sergio Gómez

Originally designed for the backyard of a couple with a young child who wanted a “shelter” while enjoying the outdoors, the Habitable Polyhedron obviously has many possible uses.  Guest accommodation, a home office or a hobby area are just three that spring immediately to mind.

Many faces - many uses
Many faces – many uses

The structure rests on a concrete pad and a hexagonal pine deck extends out from the steel framed glass entry façade. An acrylic dome balances the natural light and small side windows can be flipped up to provide cross ventilation. A built-in desk and couch occupy most of the 7.5m² of floor space.

The black polyhedron would be easy to replicate as a prefabricated unit that could be moved to any site, set down on a level pad and transported at will.

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