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COTH… Cottage on the Hill

Last Updated on February 5, 2018 by teamobn

Michigan  USA – Zinta Aistars

Lot size:     10 acres (2 hectares)
Built area:   200 sq. ft. (18.5 m2)
Year built:   Unknown
Renovated:  2012/13

Standing on a hill in the woods of south-west Michigan is a whimsical cottage named COTH by its writer owner, Zinta Aistars.  Although the 10 acre property has a 100+ year old farmhouse as the main dwelling, this “outbuilding” clearly caught the heart of the owner.

Cottage on the Hill (COTH)


The original builder is lost to obscurity, but COTH was obviously built with love, skill and an objective.

“With its quirky angles and mismatched windows, it’s been likened to a place from a Tim Burton movie, or from Dr. Seuss. No two windows match, each is at a different height.”

Since taking ownership of the farm in spring, 2012, Zinta has carefully and lovingly refurbished the cottage, ensuring the original feel and ambience were retained.  Renovations included weatherizing the cottage, the addition of a small deck and an outhouse, whitewashing the lower level internally, and furnishing it in order to create a writer’s retreat.

In an email from Zinta yesterday, she said, “I sat on the COTH deck for a while tonight with a friend, and it’s so green and leafy and quiet and beautiful there …”
I think it’s fair to say that many of us would have been happy to sit there with her :)

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