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10 Cleaning Products for a Lazy Person

Lazy People Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products for a Lazy Person

We might not want to admit it but we all get lazy at times. Hey, it’s normal! And it’s normal to wish there were easier ways to clean around the house.

That is why these products were invented. Would these cleaning products help you in your most dreaded chore?

If you’re used to conventional ways of cleaning you’ll consider the people using these products as lazy. However, most of these are very clever and would save you a lot of time and backache from house chores.

View the full collection and be the judge. Lazy or clever?

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Eye Vac Professional Touchless Stationary Vacuum

Isn’t it frustrating to see a bit of dirt left on the floor when you’re using a dustpan? Check out this stationary vacuum, this might be the solution to your problem. This stationary vacuum sucks all dirt that you sweep!

Microfiber Cleaning Slippers

Clean the floor while you walk around the house with these microfiber cleaning slippers! No more sore knees or backaches! Microfiber cleaning slippers are quick and easy to get on and off and are always ready to clean. It is indeed a clever idea.

Self-Cleaning Toilet Brush

Does your toilet brush need cleaning? Gross! But this brush can take care of itself 🙂

This device may be the most convenient and sanitary toilet brush ever invented. The unique, self-cleaning design keeps your toilet brush clean, saving you both time and money.

Just drop the brush in the holder and the bristles will retract into the handle, giving you more brush room.

Cyber Clean Putty

Here’s a cleaning putty to help you remove dust from your gadgets. Cyber Clean Putty is a unique putty-like cleanser that removes residue, gum, tape, and labels from almost any surface.

Cyber Clean Putty removes most contaminants in just 5 minutes or less. It is bio-degradable and contains no solvents, acids, or harmful chemicals. The non-toxic clean putty is easy to remove and will not damage the surface.

It is also heat resistant and non-electrical conductive. So it is best used for electronic products.

Dog Wash Sponges

Some dogs love bathing, some don’t. If your furry friend always runs away from you while you’re shampooing them, you know how hard it is to give them a good bubbly bath. This soap-infused sponge will make your job easier.

Stain Lifting Pads

The carpet is one of the hardest things to clean. These stomp-and-go cleaning pads make it too easy! Have you tried these already?

Stain lifting pads are an effective and quick way to remove those stubborn food and beverage stains from your carpet. What’s more, the stain lifting pads are safe to use on most carpet types and are suitable for use on pet stains.

Clean Step Mat

This washable mat is said to be absorbent, collecting mud and sand from your feet. Less dirt to mop!

A clean step mat is also known as a welcome mat and is used to keep dirt and water residue away from your doorstep. These types of mats can either be made of rubber or wool fabric. Rubber is better suited for outdoor use while wool is better at keeping dirt away from your shoes.

Magnetic Spot Scrubber

Cleaning vases could be a challenge. This scrubber helps you clean those hard-to-reach parts of your vase…

Gas Hob Protectors

Wouldn’t these protectors make cleaning after cooking way faster and easier? No more oil and sauce spills on your stove!

Cutlery Cleaner

This cutlery cleaner helps you make sure no more food particles are left behind on your spoons, forks, and knives!

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