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6 Creative Toy Storage Ideas

Last Updated on July 21, 2023 by teamobn

Trundle Toy Storage
Toy Storage

How many times have you heard your kid say, “Mom, I can’t find my ___”? And you both end up looking for it. Sometimes you find it, and sometimes you don’t. The only solution is to teach your kids organizational skills from a young age. It will benefit them AND you!

You can start with colorful and interesting toy storage ideas that would make tidying up easy and fun for your kids. You can choose a colorful set of containers for them to remember where to put what. You can also upcycle a wooden fruit crate, or put dividers in a drawer to serve as compartments for tiny pieces of toys.

Remember, it’s a small world for them, so a miniature version of things can be a great idea too. You can mark the floor to indicate parking spaces where they can park their bike, trolley, or scooter. Or you can make a kiddie-sized shelf for their books.

Kids learn a lot through play, and organizing their toys can be part of the fun. Make tidying up part of their play routine and you’re on your way to a more organized home – at least until the next playtime comes.

DIY Toy Storage

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Toy Storage Ideas

Wooden Crates

A wooden crate is a wooden container that is used to transport a variety of products. Wood is used because it is a naturally stable material.

“Wooden crates” are a type of packaging. Containers made of wood are designed to protect fragile items such as wine and delicate items like china. Wooden boxes are stackable and can be used in smaller spaces.

And these are the reasons why it is a good choice when you need to make toy storage for your kiddos! You can add compartments to the wooden crate so that your kids can separate small toys from huge ones. You can also paint them to have beautiful toy storage!

Toy Sack

It’s just what it sounds like. A toy sack that lets you see what’s inside even if it’s closely tied. Made by a mom and a dad because they were tired of lost and hidden toys.

Is a toy sack a toy? Yes. Is it a storage solution? Is it something that a lot of kids and parents will enjoy for years to come? Absolutely.

Wall Storage

Wall storage is one of the most popular storage solutions for kids as it allows you to keep their toys organized and out of the way, while still being able to be played with.

The wall storage is usually made from plastic and children can easily load, unload, and reach their own toys. The wall storage can hold action figures, play sets, and other small toys, as well as puzzles, games, and art supplies.

They can also keep stuffed animals and blankets off the floor, which makes for a safer and neater playing space. It is a great idea for toy storage!

DIY Stuffed Animal Zoo

This toy storage is one of a kind and can store a lot of animal stuffed toys.


Toy storage shelves can be a good option for organizing toys. Some of the shelves are more flexible than others in terms of what they can accommodate.

For example, there are shelves that are specifically designed for Barbie dolls and others custom-fitted for LEGO blocks.

Trundle Drawer

The trundle drawer is a design feature that is typically used in the bedroom. This type of drawer is often found in a child’s bedroom, but it can also be used for other household items.

The trundle drawer is often found underneath a bed, and it can be used for extra storage or as a way to hide items from view, depending on how it is used.

KidKraft Trundle Drawer
Trundle Drawer

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