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Space Efficient Homemade Bed With Storage

Space Efficient Homemade Bed With Storage
Space Efficient Homemade Bed With Storage

Do you need more storage in your bedroom, but lack the floor space for additional cabinets? We’ve put together a collection of space-efficient homemade bed. The space under your bed is great for extra storage, but you don’t have to buy a new and expensive storage bed.

They’re completely DIY, making them cheaper than pre-manufactured storage beds. And since you’re building it yourself you can customize the bed and the storage according to your needs!

Here’s why you should consider a DIY bed for your rooms. 🙂

These Beds are Comfortable

Since these homemade beds are customized based on your desired size and design, you can assure yourself that these beds are the most comfortable beds ever made for you.

The importance of having a comfortable bed is a must for good sleep. If your main concern is the comfort of the bed itself, you should consider a mattress topper that will elevate the bed’s level of comfort and softness.

Homemade beds require a Lot of Work

If you’re building your own homemade bed, it will require you a lot of work because you are making it as personalized as it can be. You may want to add storage on the bed itself like drawers, shelves, or even storage under the bed.

The personalization part of building these beds is the most critical part.

Building beds from scratch is a challenging task, and it’s a good idea to start with a few tried-and-true designs that require little investment of time or materials.

After you’ve assembled the frame and frame supports, you can add the head and foot boards, then add rails to the sides, and finally, you can add the slats and rails to the frame.

You may want to add storage on the bed itself like drawers, shelves, or even storage under the bed. You may also want to add storage on the headboard and footboard such as a built-in storage unit.

Would you like a bed with a storage area on the bed frame? A bed with storage under it is going to be great for kids and adults alike.

Homemade Beds are Cheap

Home-made beds are cheaper because you don’t pay for the production costs that do not show up on the price tag.

It is given that you need to purchase some materials for your project but you can also upcycle materials that you have on hand.

It doesn’t take big fancy materials to make a bed frame. In fact, you can use that old wooden pallet you are trying to get rid of, as a replacement for a big-time frame.

You can make use of pallets so you won’t need to buy a new one, it will save you a penny. Or you can use an old drawer dresser for additional storage for your bed.

With these homemade beds, you won’t only have a comfortable bed to sleep on, but you will also have additional storage for your personal stuff.

A Drummer's Storage Solution - imgur

Need a bed design for adults or for the kids? We have good ideas to offer for both. Some of the storage solutions here provide ease of access, while some are for storing items you don’t frequently need or use.

All these DIY beds offer not only extra storage space but also aesthetics to suit every taste. There are rustic, modern, colourful, and even fiction-based ideas to get inspiration for your bedroom.

Head over to the gallery now and choose the homemade bed that’s perfect for you.

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