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Easy DIY Storage Ideas

I have a few crafty friends who could really use a set up like this!

Is it true that junk expands to fill the space available?  Whatever the reason, most of us never seem to have enough.  No, not junk, Silly Sally – space!

Well, these storage ideas can be the answer to your problems. Now given that floor space is at a premium – as well as being a killer on the back, we need to think like a supermarket mogul.  Shelf space, my man – that’s the future!

Lazy Susan Shoe Storage

Here are a few easy DIY storage ideas to get you started

Wicker Baskets

Have you seen these baskets attached to a wall to store household items? Well, you might think it’s unusual but these wicker baskets will definitely add beauty to your empty walls.

All you need to consider is how to secure them to your walls. You can start by drilling holes in your walls. You can use a level bar to make sure that the holes are level – especially if you’re using a rectangular wicker basket.

What are your thoughts on these baskets turned into towel holders – WIN or FAIL?
Wicker Baskets add a rustic look to your walls where you attach them.
PVC Shoe Storage

Too many shoes but don’t have a lot of shoe storage? This storage idea will make you store more shoes because you can extend them as much as you need them to be expanded. You can even arrange them in shapes that you want.

Folding Chairs

This is a great storage idea to create temporary or even permanent closet space. The chair can be folded when not in use. The seats will be great for storing toy baskets while the braces of the stands can be used as shirt hangers.

You can add more chairs if you want to, depending on how wide your wall space is.

This is a great solution to create temporary or even permanent closet space. The bottom rod of the fold away chairs can be used for hanging clothing, and the seat for storage. You can easily fold them away when not in use.
Staircase Storage by Danny Kuo

This storage idea will definitely make you want one in your home. This staircase-designed storage is as exciting as storing your precious items on top of storage as keeping them away from people who don’t know how to reach them. The lower storage space can be pulled out and serve as a ladder to reach the higher storage space.

Jewel Storage Mirror

Would you want a typical mirror or would you like to have a unique one? Well, almost everyone wants unique items.

So this unique jewel storage mirror will be a hit, especially for women who have a lot of items to store. You can also store your make-up and other beauty products here if you want to. Check this out!

Jewel Storage Painting

If you don’t like the mirror storage, then you might like this Jewel Storage Painting. This storage idea can hold as much jewellery as the mirror stage can. The storage size will also depend on the size of your painting will serve as the door of your storage space.

With this storage, you can make sure to hide your precious gems somewhere no one will definitely find them easily.

Toy Storage Cage

Thinking of a fun way to store your kids’ toys? This toy storage will make your kids think they have their own zoo right in their rooms or any part of the house.

They will love to store their stuffed animals inside it. Plus, it does not consume too much space as it is designed to be tall enough to cover any boring vertical space of your home.

Will you love these storage ideas? If so, we still have a lot in our gallery for you. You can start checking them out for inspiration.

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