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Genius Ideas For Storing Produce

Fresh Ideas For Storing Produce
Fresh Ideas For Storing Produce

Fresh Produce is the best! If your household likes to cook, you need to keep a good supply of fresh vegetables and fruits on hand.

A sophisticated pantry system is a pantry that has as many storage compartments, shelves, and bins as you can fill up with food it can hold and keep fresh. Great for the home chef but also good for keeping things organized for the homeowner.

But you don’t need a sophisticated pantry system to efficiently store produce. There are available inexpensive and nifty storage alternatives we prepared for you.

Baskets On Walls

To keep fruit and vegetables fresh for a longer period of time, remove them from plastic bags and keep them in a dry, well-ventilated, and preferably dark area.

Exposure to sunlight can cause produce to deteriorate. Fresh fruit and vegetables should be kept in cool, dark places with plenty of air circulation.

Good air circulation is another way to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer period of time. Good air circulation also helps against pests and diseases, among other things.

Baskets On Walls

We’ve gathered a couple of ideas for storing produce.

These are inexpensive storage solutions you can easily implement in your home. Most materials might be readily available in your home.

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Open Mesh On Drawers

Open Mesh On Drawers is a great way to get your fruits and vegetables fresh. These open mesh drawers fit inside your kitchen cabinet or you can have a DIY project for this and will help keep your produce smelling fresh and your vegetables crisp.

They are easy to clean and easy to access. No more digging in the bottom of the crisper drawer


Fresh fruits and vegetable storage can be a major chore. But a good way to avoid the usual pitfalls is to store fruits and vegetables in handy crates.

These stackable shelves allow you to store a wide variety of produce in readily accessible places. And because they don’t take up a lot of space, you can move them easily when you need to.

Open Weave Baskets On Drawers

Open weave baskets are popular amongst many in the country today to store produce. These baskets are ideal to store many of the fruits and vegetables we need in our pantries.

The one drawback is that they aren’t very durable in terms of the general wear and tear that they tend to receive. When storing seasonal produce, you will want something a little more solid.

But there are open weave plastic baskets that are available in several sizes and can be used to store produce and fruit away from sunlight and rodents.

These baskets are very durable and are of superior quality. We even sell a variety of additional drawers and shelves to help make your storage problems disappear.

Baskets On Walls

Baskets On Walls are easy to assemble and make great use of simple and inexpensive materials. These baskets are perfect for putting fruit, vegetables, or canned goods away.

For example, if you grow or have a lot of tomatoes, you can easily store them using this type of container. If you’re really into gardening, you can also use them to store all kinds of seeds, plants, and flowers from your garden.

Plus, you can place these baskets on your walls using a platform as a creative way to organize your kitchen. With this kind of storage, you can easily track the supplies that need to be restocked.

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