10 Best Firewood Storage Ideas

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Firewood storage ideas!

Do you have a wood-burning fireplace or even a fire pit at home? If you use one to make your house warm and cozy during the winter, you might want to look at this collection of great firewood storage ideas!

Firewood is an essential supply for a household that relies on a wood fireplace during the cold seasons. Therefore a good firewood holder/rack is also important for proper storage and drying.

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If you store heaps of firewood at home and are looking for a better storage solution that will suit your space and budget, then have a look at these various ideas we have collected for you.

Fire Wood Storage Ideas

We hope that in one of these suggestions you find the perfect firewood space for your home!

What are the best firewood storage examples?

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Firewood Holder from Plumbing Pipes

This is an easy DIY project you can do using plumbing pipes. It is equipped with wheels for easy transportation of firewood, from the outside to your fireplace inside the home. Click on the title to learn how to do it!

Firewood Storage Cart

Need something smaller or narrow for a small space? Here are other mobile firewood storage ideas for you!

Pallet Shed

Of course, the humble pallet! They are one of our favorites on this list because the idea is very inexpensive. Plus, pallets are really perfect for firewood drying. They can stand outdoor weather conditions and they provide good air circulation!

Pallet Rack

You can even take out the ‘roof’ to make a simple rack out of the pallets for more air and sun exposure.

Custom Outdoor Firewood Storage

If you don’t like the look of pallets, why not DIY or have your firewood shed customized? Here’s one of the good-looking custom firewood storage!

Timber and Bricks

And here’s another one of our favorites. It’s a no-tool project and you can make one using scrap timber and extra bricks from previous projects! What’s also nice about this idea is that you can build one of any size that you want. It could be just a small version for kindling or a large one for firewood.

Under-the-Bench Firewood Storage

Have a bench? Why not make it dual-purpose by using the space under firewood storage? 🙂

Hallway/Display Unit Firewood Storage

You can also use the space under a display unit!

Vertical Wall Storage

If you are just about to build your house, you might want to include this in the plan! Provide vertical wall storage near your fireplace. 🙂

Hanging Firewood Storage

What about a wall-mounted steel firewood holder?

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