Clever Attic Storage Ideas

Clever Attic Storage Ideas

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There are always things that need to be stored. Snow skis in summer, beach gear in winter, those boxes full of memories and even camping gear. Your roof space is possibly a great solution.

Clever Attic Storage Ideas

Attics are mostly used as storage area for all things the household doesn’t use very often. Of course, if your attic has sufficient headroom, you may be able to use the space for other purposes such as a bedroom, a home office space or a quiet space.

But attics are not like regular storage rooms, bedrooms or quiet spaces. They are basically small A-frame rooms which create corners that are hard to reach and utilize. This means that regular storage ideas won’t work in this part of the house.

Clever Attic Storage Ideas

With these clever storage ideas, however, an attic can be maximized and be as beautiful and organized as any other room in your home.

What do you use your attic for?

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Attic Shelving System

As mentioned, attics are different from a regular space. Therefore a different shelving system must be built if you are using your attic for storage. This shelving system as seen from IHeart Organizing, makes taking out items that you need hassle-free. To make it even more convenient, get transparent storage bins and label each accordingly. This way you can easily find what you are looking for without having to open all the boxes!

Sliding Barn Doors

If you want your attic to look cleaner and more organized, you can hide those stacks of boxes and bags with a small sliding barn door. 🙂

Hidden Storage

Keeping some really valuable items in your attic? Protect them even more by making hidden storage!

Closet Storage with Shelf

Here’s an idea for those using their attic as bedroom. Build a closet with shelf to make use of those low corners!

Maximized Shelving

You can also maximize space by creating as much shelves as you can up until the very far corner! These spaces are great for storing small items.


Don’t have a storage space for all your books in the bedroom or study room? The attic is a good option. You can mount shelves low near the corners, and your books will fit and look perfect sitting on those shelves! And since you are putting your books in there, why not also put your attic to better use by turning it into a reading nook/quiet room!

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