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Awesome Dear Kids – Colour Panache

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Dear Kids – Colour Panache

Dear Kids  –  Como Italy

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OK – we’ll admit that this is an unabashed plug for Dear Kids – unfortunately, unpaid 🙁  But we really like their furniture and design concepts and suspect you may too.

The ‘colorful kids room’ is exactly what you think it is. The cool and colorful children’s bedroom is a great place to spend time as a kid, and of course, needs cool and colorful furniture as well.

We have all seen the monotonous white, black, and brown furniture in kids’ rooms, which can make the little ones feel bored.

Thankfully, there are definitely a few ways to spice up the room, and many of them are based on the shape of the room.


A colorful environment can help a child to learn critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Research shows that kids who live in colored rooms learn more and are more creative and better in school than their peers.

Colorful rooms and toys stimulate the brain and the imagination of young ones. According to research, children learn better in colorful rooms that are more fun and creative.

Check out these Dear Kids Products you might need for your children!


It is important to have a colorful bed for kids. But not only practical! A colored bed is full of positive emotions. Also, the bed is the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night.

A good bed is a very important thing in the life of a child.

Study Area

It is important to have a colorful Study Area for your kids in your home. The Colorful Study Area in a room can be creatively added to make your dear kids feel joyful and happy.

This is why we strongly recommend that you choose the materials and colors of your study area to make your kids feel good when they are in the room.

The study area can be a separate area in the house where they can work in the afternoon or even all day long, or it could be an area in their bedroom. Sometimes at home, they will have too many distractions.

The study space can be a room at home that is completely dedicated to study and homework and should have no TV or Internet in it.

Nowhere near a retailer?  If you look long and hard, you’ll realize that these are not complicated pieces.  Superbly made, but not complicated.


The reason why some parents install colorful sofas in their child’s bedroom is that it can be additional entertainment for your dear kids especially when they have friends coming over. It can also be the most suitable place for your kids to take a comfortable nap during the daytime.

You can also stay for a while and read a book to your kids on the sofa.

Storage Area

A colorful storage area for your kid’s bedroom will help them organize their stuff well. A bedroom storage area can help with organizing toys, books, games, artwork, and other items necessary for a child’s bedroom.

One of the most crucial factors in organizing a kid’s bedroom is the color of the walls. The most important choice is to choose a color that is bold, bright, and soft. The first things that your dear kids have in the bedroom are their toys and clothes.

If there are colorful accent wall panels in the bedroom, the kid may not face any problem in keeping all their toys and clothes organized.

The curtain panels will help them to keep the room neat and clean. You can also place some designs on the wall panels and make them look more attractive.

One way or another, let us know what you think.


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