Little Bits and Pieces… Bedrooms For Kids

In our experience, one of the wonderful things about young children is that they love anything new! Add something small to their collection or a new poster on their wall and they are in seventh heaven.

Whether that's a fort or a bunk bed on the upper level, the staircase with the built in storage and the solid appearance, makes this one a winner (in my humble opinion)

There are differing views on whether a child needs or should have a separate bedroom. There are many arguments for both sides. Regardless of which view you take, most of us want our children’s bedrooms to be fun places that they are happy to be in.

The Giant Birdsnest
The Giant Birdsnest

We can create that environment with paint and paper, hard and soft furnishings. Here’s a collection of children’s bedrooms to get your creative juices flowing…

Bedrooms for Children

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