Cleansing the Soul – outdoor baths and showers

Cleansing the Soul – outdoor baths and showers

Cleansing the soul…

One of the greatest experiences in life – IMHO – is showering with a view.  Yet, for most of us, our bathroom is the exact opposite… an area designed to exclude the world from viewing us and hence us from the world.

My bathroom looks out onto a private courtyard garden.  It’s good, but it can’t equal the joy of the outdoors.

At one with nature... outdoor bathing
At one with nature… outdoor bathing

Outdoor baths and showers are relaxing. It’s as if you’re communing with nature. While not everyone would agree, these outdoor baths and showers had always been a favority of mine.

Wall house by Anupama Kundoo

Here are a few of our favourite outdoor bathing areas.  We hope they inspire you to build your own.

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