Life in a Fishbowl

Roppongi (Tokyo) Japan  –  Mejiro Studios

Built area:     87.5m2  (945 sq. ft.)

This is definitely a home for very confident people.  The entire focus of the home is the bathroom (or wash-room) as they are thought of in Japan.  Fully walled in glass, the bathroom sits in the centre of the home which is itself, a single open space.

Not designed for the retiring personality!
Not designed for the retiring personality!

Apart from the obvious thoughts like ‘That’s a lot of glass to clean!’, many others come to mind. Was it designed by a man for a man?  A woman for a woman?  A woman for a couple?  What was the client brief?  The permutations are intriguing.

I have a theory that there’s a little voyeur in all of us, but my ‘body beautiful’ (if it ever existed) started aging a long time back and I’m confident that there aren’t many people left who would want to watch me bathe 🙂 Still, I find the concept interesting and mentally stimulating.  What do you think?  Weird or wonderful?

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