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Garage Transformation

Washington, United States – Michelle de la Vega

Built area: 23 m2 (250 sq. ft.)
Photography: Ira Lippke

Michelle de la Vega is a visual artist, designer, welder.  Here is her conversion of an old, disused garage into a 23 m2 (250 sq ft) mini-home.


The roof was raised 1.2 metres (4ft) to accommodate a lofty sleeping area and a bathroom was added on the side.  The obvious question is whether it would have been cheaper to demolish the old garage completely.  The answer is, probably, yes.  But building codes probably had a lot to do with the decision to ‘renovate’ the existing structure.  Regardless, we think it’s a great example of how function over-rules space.  What do you think?

Garage Transformation - Michelle de la Vega

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