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Lego in Seattle…

Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington – Board & Vellum

Size:      3,300 square feet; 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms
Year built:      1902;   Remodeled 2013
Builder:     N and R Construction
Photography:      John G. Wilbanks

Can’t sleep?  Do some Lego™.  If you or a family member are seriously into Lego™ you know how important it is to keep all those little pieces organised – and out of the vacuum cleaner or your foot! I know that we are constantly battling with our eight year old’s Legomania and the lengths we go to to help him keep things together. But would we build our house around his hobby? These folks did…

A place for everything and everything in its place!
A place for everything and everything in its place!

The renovation included the excavation of a further 2′ out of the existing basement in order to achieve full headroom. The result now offers a great entertainment and hobby area, well away from the sleeping areas of the house. The basement also now includes a lovely guest bedroom and bathroom.

A balcony was also added across the front of the home, dramatically changing the general appeal of the street-front, further enhanced by the bold use of colour. The colour theme runs right through the home with the highlights offset by muted greys, grey-whites and timber tones.

From the architect:

“Seattle “Box” homes are prized for their stately appearance and generous floor plans. What isn’t often provided though is an easy way to convert these older homes into homes with generous and open living spaces. This project keeps the formal nature of the ‘three in a row’ formal rooms and opens the back of the house and the final room to the kitchen. An operable wall of glass helps connect the house to the yard and let light pour into the home. A centrally placed fireplace is viewable from all the main rooms in the house and helps anchor the entire plan. A wide galley kitchen opens towards the back of the house with an island facing the new family room. Careful design of the casework provides a clean and contemporary look while not looking out of place in a 1902 home.”

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