Grown House

Seoul, South Korea – FHHH FRIENDS

Developed Area :     98.0 m2
Photographs :    Kyung Roh 

In a bustling city as jam-packed as Seoul, South Korea, large living spaces are hard to come by. While the city itself is home to tall corporate skyscrapers, most residential areas feature small buildings with cramped interiors. Because of this, homeowners see the need to maximize available space as much as possible.

Architects of the Grown House made sure that the design makes good use of every available space without sacrificing form or function. Aside from the required living areas, the architects incorporated spaces that could further add value to the home – a small garden perfect for reading a good book and an open roof terrace where one can simply relax at night.

Inside, the house is awash with natural light courtesy of a skylight that remains unobstructed from the ground up.  A zigzag staircase extends from the first level of the home up toward the roof terrace. Walls are mostly done in white, with wood as a constant element as seen on the floors, doors, and countertops.

From the Architect:

This cute house is standing in middle of old house town in Seoul, South Korea. Despite the house contains highly compressive function, we tried not to lose the taste of life by adding some redundant spaces here and there.

In designing of a small house, it is usually considered that The Small house must be designed compressively as possible, so the spaces without function are discounted as wasting spaces too easily. But is function all in the house?

In this small project, we rather focused on the factors having no function. Because we wanted to pull up value of life in this house, and thought the value of life is not comes from the function but comes from the factors have no special function, such spaces like a small garden what is good to read, and an opened roof that make feel the weather inside, Etc

And paradoxically, the desire for the space with plentiful life make house more compressively. Because we could inject some flexibility to the spaces having no special function. A private front yard alters to the Parking lot by opening the gate.

In this house, the entrance is not a space for taking off the shoes only. We aimed an entrance that occurs various events. this spacious entrance extends to the garden.

Between skipped floor, there are stairs and a fountain connected from the step. Despite the fountain is not necessary factor in the house, we focused on the various occurrences that can be happened by the fountain. Giving a kitty a bath, washing camping equipment, and playing with water, etc.

To commune with nature, the space gets brighter by climbing up the stairs. That small opening on the wall is a door to the rooftop for kitties.  That small house on rightward is the house used to be. People say “the house have grown!”

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Exterior Views :

Interior Views :

Drawing Views :

Korea is an interesting country that is steeped in tradition but still embraces the changing, modern world. The Manchon Hohojae, located in Daegu, is a piece of modern Korean architecture which also smartly uses space.



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