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11 Genius Ways to Use Binder Clips

Last Updated on July 20, 2023 by teamobn

Binder Clip Hacks

Binder clips are simple devices that can be used to hold together a large stack of paper. A stack of paper is first folded over onto itself, then secured with a binder clip. Binder clips aren’t just for fastening papers together! You’ll be surprised how they can make your life easier…

Aside from keeping documents organized, binder clips are also great storage and organizing solutions. Binder clips also provide simple solutions to other problems such as keeping things in place when it’s windy outdoors.

Binder Clip Tricks

Instead of buying costly organizers, consider using binder clips as a solution. Here are some examples of when a binder clip can come in handy.

Binder Clip Tricks

Do you have any other ideas to share on how to use binder clips?

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DIY Yarn Bowl

DIY Yarn ball organizer using binder clips: For the knitters and crocheters out there, this is the best way I’ve found to store yarn.

Not only does it keep the yarn tidy and untangled, but it also allows you to see what you have easily. This yarn organizer is so much better than a plastic bin.

Cord Keepers

Tangled cords can be annoying when it comes to your electronics. Your headphones, chargers, and earphones can be the biggest culprits. But you can avoid this by using a binder clip.

This time you won’t be having problems with tangled cords whenever you want to use your headphones or whenever you want to charge your phones.

Fridge Space Maximizer

Fridge spaces can be maximized with the use of binder clips. You can use it as a bottle stopper, or you can use it to hang multiple plastic bags in the freezer.

It will not only maximize your storage but will also keep your fridge organized and neat.

Gloves Holder

When gloves are usually found on the kitchen counter, it can be an eyesore! Worry no more, with the help of these binder clips, you can already have a nifty place to store your gloves.

All you need to do is to crew it on your cupboard doors, you won’t have to spend a lot for glove storage.

Cord Holder

As far as using these binder clips as cord keepers, you can also use them as cord holders. Clipping them on your tables as shown above is a fun way of organizing your cables so you won’t have problems storing them.

These holders will serve as charging stations for your electronic devices. You can personalize it by adding colorful sticker labels.

Cellphone Holder

Do you think cool cellphone holders are expensive? Think twice, using a binder clip or two will not only give you a cool cellphone holder but also an inexpensive one.

Plus you can also bring it wherever you go, and clip it onto something sturdy and you will have a very portable cellphone holder. 🙂

Paint Board Storage

Love painting? Here’s a cool way of organizing your colorful paints using these binder clips.

Easy Sewing

Don’t have enough sewing pins? No Problem! you can use binder clips to hold your sewing materials together. It will ensure that your sewing will be in the right places and will not slip. 🙂

It’s a good choice when it comes to the alternative of sewing pins.

Party Charmers

You can choose to use binder clips as party charmers if you ran out of ideas. All you need are colorful ones to clip on your wine glasses. 🙂

Tablecloth Holder

If you are in need of temporary holders for your tablecloth for unexpected lunch outside. Then a binder clip can help you out with the task.


It may not be the best idea but it will definitely do the job. 🙂

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