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Have you ever tackled a task time and again and then seen the simplest way of doing it better or more easily? The image below shows the most obvious example. If you’re not used to being on the right end of a hammer, there’s a big chance your thumb or fingers will experience the wrong end! But there’s actually another huge benefit here…

Use a clothespin or comb to hold a nail while hammering.
Use a clothespin or comb to hold a nail while hammering.

When you miss the nail – and you’re fortunate enough to miss your digits, you’ve probably left a hammer bruise on your lovely surface. Not here – the peg or comb will take the impact instead. You can also use this trick in tight spots where you wish you were ‘double-jointed’ and ambidextrous  😉

Why not send us your simple tricks that have helped you do things easier and better? We’ll add them to the album!

Here’s a great solution to create temporary or even permanent closet space.

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