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Adorable DIY Terrariums


If you think your home could use a little more green, these simple terrarium ideas could be your simple solution!

Terrariums are small enclosures used to grow a plant or a plant-like organism (in this case, mushrooms). Many terrarium enthusiasts have a fascination with keeping plants alive in absence of foliage, and for many people, the mushroom terrarium is the quintessential terrarium.

The terrarium works best if the plant is submerged in water, and the design is such that it prevents sunlight from directly touching the plant.

DIY Terrarium Place Holder

Terrariums are very easy to make and are low-maintenance. Hence, they are perfect for those who don’t have a green thumb, or for those who simply don’t have time to tend to plants but still want some around them.

This is also a great alternative for small spaces, rather than having big, space-consuming pots. You can place them on your worktable, or coffee table, or even hang them on walls to add life to your environment.

Their size makes them cute gifts or party favors as well! You could even wear them as a necklace 🙂

Coffee Pot Terrarium

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Coffee Pot Terrarium

Coffee Pot Terrariums are a cool idea, and they’re actually not that hard to build. The basic idea is you get a glass jar, fill it with a pebbled material, and stick a saucer under the lid. Then you put a coffee filter through a hole in the lid.

The result is a clear jar with a little bit of texture in which you can plant small succulents, small cacti, and other low-maintenance houseplants.

DIY Wall Garden Favor Terrariums

Using stainless food containers with clear/transparent lids can be used as DIY wall garden terrariums. DIY Wall Garden Favor Terrariums are a great way to decorate the walls of your home.

You can create an attractive balance between nature and man-made. They are also a perfect way to showcase your own gardening skills.

Simple Terrariums for Under $20

Make use of your old tiny aquarium and convert it into simple terrariums. You may need to purchase some stuff for it but it surely won’t cost you more than $20.

Pendant Terrarium Lamps

Pendant terrariums are terrariums that hang from the ceiling from a chain.  Although they are now a popular home decor item, they have been around for generations.  They are supposed to resemble a natural habitat. 

It is also called a hanging terrarium.  The plants and soils used to create this terrarium are usually sealed in airtight containers and suspended by a chain so that they hang fairly level. 

Many people like to buy a terrarium in the shape of a tree or a natural cave.  They are relatively easy to make and they are very inexpensive. 

Terrarium Necklace

A Terrarium Necklace is a flexible necklace made out of glass in which you put small plants. In the Terrarium Necklace’s case, the plants are succulents.

You can easily put a Terrarium Necklace on by yourself and you don’t need to use any tools.

Light Bulb Terrarium

You might have seen some of these light bulb terrariums that have been around for a while. The original idea is to be able to grow plants in the dark without electricity.

The light bulb terrarium is decorated with a light bulb and a plant. These light bulb terrariums have been around for a while. They have gained some popularity on social media.

Terrarium Place Holder

Place holders are typically plastic and have a perforated bottom, allowing the air to circulate. Place holders can be purchased for the terrarium you plan on using or you can make your own using an aluminum can or some leftover plastic.

To make your own place holder, cut a hole in the bottom of the can or plastic container large enough to accommodate the glass piece of the terrarium.

Mix your dirt with a small amount of water and pour it into the can. Place the glass piece in the can and place the can in a location where it is unlikely to move which will help to keep the dirt from settling.

Score & Solder Terrarium

A Score & Solder Terrarium is an awesome way to display beautiful succulents, cacti, and other plants in a low-maintenance environment.

Autumnal Terrariums

An Autumnal Terrarium is a terrarium setup that is suited for growing plants during the autumn months. This term was coined by youtube user Kaskade, who started to make terrariums in a more artistic way and called them “Autumnal Terrariums.”

The term “Autumnal” refers to the end of the growing season for plants and animals, and “Autumnal Terrarium” usually refers to a terrarium setup that is created during the autumn months.

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