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4 Easy Steps on How to Make Your Own Mosquito-Repelling Citronella Candles

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mosquito-repelling citronella candles
Effortless DIY citronella mosquito-repelling candles!

It’s a beautiful, balmy night. You decide to sit out and do a little star gazing. Wonderful… until the mosquitoes find you! Human skin is a myriad jumble of fragrances. The bacteria living on our skin emit more than 200 odour chemicals. Mosquitoes are drawn to those odours.

That’s why they swarm your barbecues and evening porch-sitting, invade your home, whine, and buzz incessantly in your ears.

But, there’s a solution! Mosquito-repelling citronella candles!

LucaSng Citronella Candles

This simple and enjoyable DIY project harnesses the power of citronella, a natural mosquito repellent. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or spending time in public outdoor areas, citronella torch fuel can be a highly effective way to deter mosquitoes while also providing ambient light.

DIY Mason Jar Citronella Oil Candles
Keep mosquitoes at bay with style!

Benefits of Making Mosquito-Repelling Citronella Candles at Home

There are numerous advantages to embarking on the journey of making your own citronella candles right in the comfort of your own home. Here are some of these incredible benefits:

1. Effective Mosquito Repellent

Say goodbye to pesky mosquitoes with an all-natural weapon: citronella! This mighty repellent will keep those buzzing bugs away and let you enjoy your outdoor adventures bite-free. Making your own citronella candles allows you to manage the concentration of citronella oil used, assuring optimal pest repellency.

Whether you live in an area with a high mosquito population or want to create a more potent repellent, you have the flexibility to adjust the amount of citronella oil in your candles accordingly.

2. Customizable Scents

Citronella not only repels pests, but it also has a wonderful perfume that will make you feel like you’re in paradise. With its wonderful aroma, this unique scent not only repels troublesome insects but also takes you to a tropical sanctuary. It evokes images of lush green landscapes, balmy breezes, and peaceful evenings.

It provides a relaxing and rejuvenating element to your surroundings, providing a tranquil atmosphere that may be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors.

Citronella Candles Outdoor Large 3 x 14oz

3. Cost-Effective

Whip up your own batch and watch your wallet thank you. You’ll not only be saving money, but you’ll also be feeling like a DIY queen (or king!) with a newfound spark.

With each citronella mosquito-repelling candle, you’ll refine your skills and uncover genius ways to stretch your resources and cut costs.

4. Creative Outlet

Candle making is a creative and fulfilling hobby. With endless possibilities for designs, colours, and containers, the sky’s the limit for your imaginative expression. Plus, this fun and relaxing activity doubles as a therapeutic escape from the daily grind.

5. Eco-Friendly Choice

Homemade citronella candles can be a more sustainable and eco-friendly choice compared to commercial options. You have control over the supplies used, ensuring that you avoid harmful chemicals and choose eco-friendly materials.

You can reduce waste and your environmental footprint by reusing containers or using natural and biodegradable materials.

By making homemade citronella candles, you not only obtain the benefits of a natural mosquito repellent but also the satisfaction of making something unique and environmentally conscious.

Hausware Citronella Candles - 4 Pack

Homemade Mosquito-Repelling Citronella Candles Made Easy

Just another wonderful use for mason jars, too! But these citronella candles can also be made with any other glass jar with a lid – even your empty coffee or jam jars!

Make some now and add them to your deck! The bonus is that the subtle candlelight adds to the ambience without interfering with your stargazing 🙂


  • Mason Jars (or any glass jars with lid and ring)
  • Citronella Torch Fuel
  • 1/8″ Lamp Wicks
  • Duct Tape (small amount)


  • Nail Punch
  • Phillips Screwdriver or Nail
  • Hammer

Step-By-Step Instructions

DIY citronella mosquito-repelling candles are the ultimate must-have for backyard barbecues, camping trips, or just chillaxing in your favourite spot. Now, grab your supplies and start creating these beautiful and effective citronella candles!

1. Gather the materials.

Use a Mason jar and a small wick. Together, they form the core components that will hold the citronella wax and emit a delightful fragrance while repelling those pesky mosquitoes. 

The simplicity of using a Mason jar and a small wick makes this project accessible to beginners and allows you to easily create multiple candles for various indoor and outdoor spaces.

2. On the centre of the mason jar lid, create a small hole for the wick.

Insert the small wick into the mason jar’s centre lid using a small duct tape. You should only have about 1/8 inch of the wick on top or outside the lid. Remove the duct tape when done.

3. Add the citronella

Pour the citronella fuel into the mason jar, don’t overflow. The key is to pour the fuel in a controlled manner, filling the jar with just the right amount of citronella wax. Avoid overfilling the jar, as this can lead to spillage and potential hazards.

4. Pull and adjust the wick through the centre hole and screw on the lid and ring.

Now, gently pull the wick upward to ensure it is taut and straight. Adjust the length of the wick as needed, leaving a small portion exposed above the lid. Screw the lid onto the mason jar, ensuring a tight and secure fit.

Remember, mosquito-repelling citronella candles should not be left unattended for safety reasons.

Thanks to Marty’s Musings for this great project. You can get step-by-step instructions here

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Enjoy Your Evenings Bug-Free!

In just four simple steps, you can create your own citronella mosquito-repelling candles and enjoy mosquito-free evenings indoors or outdoors. From gathering the necessary materials to pouring the citronella wax and lighting the candles, each step is explained in detail to ensure success.

By simply following these steps, you’ll have your homemade citronella mosquito-repelling candles ready to use, providing a pleasant ambience while keeping mosquitoes at bay.

Excited to make your own citronella mosquito-repelling candles? Protect yourself and your loved ones and make your own effective citronella mosquito-repelling candles today! Reclaim your outdoor space and enjoy peaceful evenings free from mosquito bites!


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