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Build A Creative Living Playhouse For Your Kids


The digital age is a blessing and a curse. It allows us all, kids included, to expand our universe beyond anything our parents could have imagined. On the other hand, all too often, kids spend countless hours glued to a screen instead of ‘doing’.

In our childhood days, playing in the backyard is our only choice. No mobile phones, no social media, and no computers. We only had our toys to play with our siblings and friends. It’s not very often that we go on an adventure to the forest.

From playing outdoors, now kids are all playing indoors. No adventure and no physical exercise. Their life is all about screens. Going out to the garden is enough to explore outside adventure. We can make a living playhouse by adding plants around it to let them experience the beauty of nature while having the adventure outside.

Here is a fun and educational way to divert them from the small, confined universe of their smartphones to the wide-open, great outdoors… help them to build a living playhouse!

Living Playhouse
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