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Great Home Office Cat Transit System

Home Office Cat Transit System
Home Office Cat Transit System

Do you have a cat that needs entertainment and distraction from the furnishings? Then this idea could be for you!

This transit system goes around three sides of the room, with one end giving the cat access to the top of a display cabinet. It also includes some windows so that it can have a view of the room while enjoying the walkway.

The cat transit system helps the cat travels through the house without making a mess. The cat transit system is a planned route.

The cat transit system is a way of adding your cat’s adventure and comfort to the cat owner. The cat transit system is not a bad thing.

Cats are curious creatures, and they do like to explore new surroundings. While it is true that cats are adventurous, they are also prey animals, which means that they are always on guard.

They love to climb and most of all they love high areas. Wherever you go in your home, your cats will always be climbing on desks or shelves, looking for a place to perch.

They love to sit in high places such as on top of the wardrobe. The perfect area for them is the top of the kitchen cupboards or any other high place.

Cats love to climb, and they climb up the cat tree or dog bed to sunbathe or just take a nap. More precisely, cats are characterized by their affinity for high places.

It is an instinctive behavior inherited from their ancestors, who used to climb trees to escape from predators. And it is the main reason why you need to think of this cat transit system.

Is there a cat who doesn’t love climbing and lounging at high places? This will surely keep your furry friends busy, and keep them from damaging your furnishings.

What we like about this idea is that it does not consume valuable space for the family since it is installed on parts of the house barely used or occupied. 

You can build more than one if you want to give your cat a place of its own in every part of the house – bedroom, home office, living area, and kitchen!

Home Office Cat Transit System

This transit stem is a good way of giving your cats better paths to access different areas or rooms in your home without having to worry about what they destroy along the way.

You might just need to purchase materials that are costly such as large pipes (one that fits the size of your cat) for your cat transit system.

You may use different pipe types such as Polyvinyl chloride pipes (PVC), metal pipes, or even aluminum pipes. Depending on your preferences and of course your budget.

You will also need some screws, pipe fittings, and other materials such as revits. But of course, you’ll need power tools like a drill, saw (depending on the material that you’ll be using) screwdrivers, and riveters if needed.

You may need to purchase them if you don’t have them But if you already have these tools, it won’t be too difficult for you to start this cat transit system project on the weekends.

Cat Transit System

Do you need one like this for your pet?

See more of this cat transit system through our gallery below and be inspired to design one for your pampered feline!

Click on any image to start the lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox. You can also view the images as a slideshow if you prefer. B-)

Thanks to Because We Can for this great idea!

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