Easy to Build Recycled Tires Pond

DIY Recycled Tires Pond
DIY Recycled Tires Pond

Maybe you’re looking to mask the noise from a busy road, or you just want a quiet, contemplative space. A water feature does a lot more than look great and soothe that savage beast. It will also turn your yard into a wildlife refuge. You’ll never be short of birdsong and the rest of nature’s creatures will also thank you for putting it in.

Technology has advanced to the point where water features can be treated as their own self-contained ecosystems. Properly constructed, clean, and balanced, a well-planned water feature demands less maintenance than many homeowners think.

Recycled Tire Pond

I’m fortunate enough to live on small acreage and I have a very large pond. Australia is in the grip of a very serious drought right now and my water source is drawing birds of every size, from small minors to ducks to large ibis. But a pond doesn’t have to be big. Nor does it need to cost a lot to install.  This is a super-simple project that shouldn’t cost you any more than your own labor!

Old tires are difficult to get rid of, and most of them end up in the dumps. And tires come in every size, right up to large tractor size so there’s something for every garden! This is a great project to recycle old tires and turn them into something useful and beautiful. With this easy-to-make and inexpensive water feature, your outdoor living area will become a wonderful getaway space.

Materials for Building a Recycled Tires Pond:

  • Old Tires
  • Rocks – various sizes
  • Tarpaulin-like covering
  • Buckets of Sand
  • Gravel


  • Shovel
  • Jig Saw
  • A slab of Wood – for leveling sand

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You can get step-by-step instructions here…

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